The Kruger Safety Compilation v0.1


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Here is something I've had in mind for a while and made the time to do today. Kevin has spent so much time giving detailed expert advice on safety, it's a shame when I forget or want to look something up and can't find it. So I took the liberty of compiling a great many of Kevin's safety related posts into one thread of links.

I attempted to organize it some fashion, but pls consider it a work in progress. I can't spend any more time on it today but it seems like a good place to stop and ask for feedback. I do intend on putting a little more detail on the links, but I want to encourage users to read the whole thread the links take them to in order to avoid 'out of context issues' so I thought to use thread, not post links (but have used post links where the thread is staggeringly long).

It's hoped this will be a resource we can all use and point new members to so please provide your constructive feedback on any aspect from content, organization, usefulness and so on and I'll go from there for a v0.2 if it's wanted.

I'd hate to see Kevin get frustrated from writing out the same old answers when we can try to recycle, besides I'd rather he spent time creating new BBQ recipes and helping <STRIKE>me</STRIKE> us improve our recipes and techniques. :)




Pasteurization: Avoiding bacterial problems (full thread, long)

Curing: Charcuterie (long)

Post cook and reheating (long)

Poultry: Final Temp and Processing Times (long)

Kill Temps: Pork & Trichinella (long)

WSM Residue, safe to eat?*PIC-s*&p=344021&viewfull=1#post344021

Detailed Related Articles, Other Authors

Chris's Reference Topic, Holding Storing and Reheating

The Bloody Chicken Article By Peter Snyder




Thawing Frozen on Counter, 4 Hour rule, Thawing previously cooked safety

Countertop thawing

Frozen Meat Left out by accident, still safe?
Pork Butt:!-left-butts-out-still-safe


Salmonella Testing on raw meat and poultry, gloves (short)

Raw Meat Safety, not held cold enough

Raw Meat Stinks, FBIs, Spoilage Bacteria

Washing Raw Meat

Allowing Meat to warm up on the counter before cooking

Ribs in Foil, Drippings and Pasteurization!

Hold Time in fridge, raw meat

Cooking FROZEN pork butt ok?

Safe to Refreeze Raw?

Unsafe LOOKING cooked chicken, Don't wash raw poultry

Long Term Freezer Storage (raw): Quality, Not Safety & Odor


Danger Zone 130ºF, not 140ºF, Smoking sub 200ºF

Temp dropped overnight, is it still safe?!

Poultry Final Temps

Chicken Over Pork, long with quotes from Safety Officials

Chicken Over Pork

Poultry Over Meat X

Meat X over Meat Y

Surface Temps during Cook, exceptions

Ribs: Pink to the bone


Handling AFTER cooking

Pulled Pork


Reheat with veggie paste

Chicken Pieces, Reheat

Reheating, Staph

FBIs, Bacteria


Brine, Injection Safety (short)

Curing: Curing Salt only required for cold smoke

Curing: Partial, curing temp too cold?

Curing: Nitrites

TQ, Prague Powders



BBQ Sauce

Unused Marinade Still Safe?

Cutting Boards

Wood Cutting Board, Maintenance

Fresh Garlic?



Portable Sanitization

Pickled Eggs

Seared Tuna

Ready to cook ham

Saran Wrap (Chemical)

Bi-Metal Therms

BBQ & Cancer

Spice Pairings (not safety related, long)


Compiled Nov 20, 2008
Updated Mar 1, 2011
Updated May 20, 2013
PS: I didn't run this by Chris, (I hope you don't mind the TVWBB in the title ... it's kind of a concept for your approval). It's just hard to find some of these things when you are looking for them, new people don't know what to look for and, well, I'll raise my hand to being lazy sometimes and asking instead of searching ... I would hope something like this gets used so less redundant threads, posts get created in the first place.

Edit: took the TVWBB out of the title, it's a fan thread
Wow that's a lot of work to put all that together. Thank you so much -- what a great index of topics!
Excellent compendium. A great place to start educating yourself about food safety and sanitation. It is amazing how much that we "know" about food safety isn't. This TVWB has really opened my eyes on how to do things correctly.
Great idea Shawn. Thank you for all your work.

Steve - What other "Compilations" do you have in mind? A "best of" selection of links would be nice to have here.

It was my pleasure, thanks really to Kevin for all his contributions!

If you run across a safety thread from any author that you think would be a good inclusion to the list please post it here and I'll add it to the top.

Any way to make this a sticky that stays at the top of one of the forums? That way it never gets lost.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Larry B-
You wrote a post awhile back that you love your Maverick ET-73. Do you still love it? Could you go to bed and have no problem with it letting you know if you have trouble at the smoker? I want to get one for my husband for Christmas. However, we have a Traeger, electric, digital temp smoker. Temp inside the chamber is not so important to us. However, can you plug in a second food probe to that connection that would normally take the grill probe?

I think I understand the question and yes, the second probe can be used as either a food probe or grate/grill probe.

You could run one probe on the grate and one in the food or both in food.(while I don't have that specific model..i have a single prob maverick), I believe you can set up alarm notices on either probe.