The Kruger Safety Compilation v0.1

bryan baker

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Just wanted to say thanks to you and Kevin. I reference this post on a regular basis. Great job of putting it all together.


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Wow!!! How is it I've never seen this?

Good on ya! Thanks!

And another thanks to Kevin for the wealth of information.

Glenn W

Thanks for doing this Shawn! Sticky is a great idea! I have read the same kind of reply to post's over and over again; he is a wealth of knowledge that is so helpful to all of us! Whether new members or veterans!

Great stuff!

Bob Hunter

Great job, this will be really handy. I know that when I am looking for something I usually add "Kruger" to my search options

I did notice that this topics url is incorrect.

Danger Zone, Time In Danger Zone, 4 Hour Rule

Thanks for the hard work on this.

Shawn W

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Originally posted by Bob Hunter:
...I did notice that this topics url is incorrect.

Danger Zone, Time In Danger Zone, 4 Hour Rule
Thanks for pointing that out, it's corrected now.

Bill S.

I'll add one. Don't mess around hot coals with Crocs on, coals tend to burn through and give you a hot That's from

Eric Michaud

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Does anyone know what the length of "shelf life" is for pulled pork after it is thawed? I checked the link on this thread and its dead.

The pork was pulled, chilled quickly then frozen. How long can I keep it in the fridge after I thaw it?



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This is an extraordinary post and I wish to thank both Shawn and Kevin for helping us staying healthy and not being responsible for mass poisoning

Chris Allingham

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Shawn, it's going to take some work, but would you be willing to fix up the links in your original post?


Ryan Gardner

It'd be great if the links still worked. I'd also add a safety link about cleaning out the grill drip pan of excess fat before starting a high temp cook (risk of grease fire + lots of fuel for said grease fire = bad... speaking from experience... :/)


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another plea to fix this Valuable asset ---- I can't even seem to find the threads via Search.