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Real Name Policy

When you register, your username must include a version of your real first/last name. Forum username is your introduction to fellow forum members. It's your "Hello, My Name Is" name tag, just like you would wear at a backyard BBQ party. It should be easy for others to read and understand.

For example, if your name is Thomas Alva Edison, acceptable usernames include Thomas Edison, T Edison, TA Edison, Thomas E, Thomas A.E., Tom E, etc.

  • If during registration the forum software says that your preferred username is already in use, please add a city or state after your real name to differentiate it, e.g. "T Edison NJ". Do not use area code or ZIP code in place of city or state.
  • If you would like to include a nickname or handle as part of your username, add it after your real name, e,g. "T Edison - BBQInventor".
  • Username should not be initials only or last name only, e.g. "T.A.E." or "Edison". As a general rule, username should not include numbers.
  • Business names and competition team names are not allowed as part of your username. We want to avoid having the username field become a form of advertising or promotion. However, you are welcome to add this information to your profile.

Why have we used real names for almost 20 years? Because when we use real names, posts are more friendly, more personal, and the replies you receive are more helpful. Real names help TVWBB stand out from other barbecue forums and it's one of the reasons for our success and longevity.

We reserve the right to modify your username at the time of registration for clarity and compliance with our real name policy.

If you're concerned about privacy, don't hesitate to contact us so we can discuss a username that works for you and meets our requirement.

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Most forums have policies that prohibit people from posting messages that promote their own products, services, events, blogs and personal/business websites—and this Service is no exception.

The following types of posts are encouraged:

  • If you are a satisfied (or dissatisfied) customer of a product/service/event/blog/personal website/business website, and you do not have a financial interest in that product/service/event/blog/personal website/business website, you may discuss it on the Service. Positive and negative feedback from actual customers is one of the most helpful aspects of a forum for those considering the purchase of a product/service or participation in an event.
  • Messages about sales, discounts, promotion codes, free product samples, etc. are fine, as long as you do not have a financial interest in the product, company, or promotion; and the offer is available to the general public.

Those who have a financial interest in a product, service, event, blog or personal/business website may not post the following without prior approval by e-mail from us

  • Messages that promote your product, service, event, blog or personal/business website.
  • Messages that draw comparisons between your product/service/event and a competing product/service/event.
  • Messages that answer customer service questions or provide technical support for products.
  • Messages that inquire about customer satisfaction with products/services/events.
  • Messages that discuss product/service/event development or improvement.
  • Messages about sales, discounts, promotion codes, free product samples, etc.

Negotiating Exclusive Discounts Or Deals On Behalf Of The Service

From time to time, we offer exclusive discounts or deals for members on barbecue-related products from various companies. You must receive prior approval by e-mail from us before negotiating any discount or deal on behalf of the Service. We will consider the quality, relevance, and appropriateness of the offer to members when deciding whether or not to approve the request.

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