WSM Smoke Day 20 t-shirts now available!


Chris Allingham

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We’ll be celebrating WSM Smoke Day 20 on Memorial Day Weekend 2024 and commemorative t-shirts are now available to order.

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Available in sizes ranging from Small to 5XL and 4XT, and in any color as long as it’s black! Prices start at $24.99.

Proceeds help fund forum operations. Thanks in advance for your purchase!
Awesome they have tall sizes this year.
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Shirt arrived yesterday. That is a good looking shirt, Chris. Nice material too. Thanks for putting it out there.
I got mine. Awesome looking shirt and nice material. Mine ran a bit small, so I would upsize one on the big sizes. I am a 3xlt and it was more like a 2xlt.
Ordered my shirt. We are having my son's graduation party on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. He requested pulled pork & brisket. Gonna be a busy weekend!
A little late to the party, but I ordered one. If it doesn't arrive for this weekend, I'll just have to wear one of my previous Smoke Day Tee Shirts