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  • Is that the kettle pizza pro or deluxe kit your cooking on. And what stone are you using? looks great
    I want to begin by saying that I've enjoyed viewing your posts on this forum for a while. You're one of my favorite members. That said, sir, your recent post, in which you reference recent social events in this country by changing the phrasing from Black Lives Matter to Black Webers Matter, I thought, was done in poor taste. I cringed when I read it, because this forum has been a safe haven of sorts for me recently, not to hide from what's going on currently in our country, but as a way to tune out of the madness and tune into to something enjoyable, like barbecue and all things Weber. I'm not angry, just disappointed is all. I like my barbecue without the politics.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Chuck, I know at one time you were looking for a ranch kettle. There is one posted on the east bay Craig's list for $550 if your interested.
    Hi chuck,

    You seem to know the minis well. If you have time to answer this, it will be appreciated.

    I can get the bottom of the pot to sit evenly on the SJS bowl but if i push on one side or other of the top of the pot, the other side of the bowl bottom rises up.

    shoulrd this bottom fit be tighter or is this "normal" for this build? If it needs to be tighter, what's a good way to do it? High temp. Auto gasket material, high temp tape or do you think i need it.

    thank you
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