New Dog Pics - Post Pics Of Your Best Friend!


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Here's my Brooklyn - my best buddy. She loves to play fetch.... and HATES the fake throw or any delay tactics.. Here she is just about to give me the ball.

close up.jpg

Here she is not so patiently waiting between my summit and genesis... about to charge me!

about to charge.jpg

Oh no she's really going to charge!


Lookout here she comes!

charrge 2.jpg

Let me know what your pup (or cat) likes to do for fun!
I need to find another dog soon. My last yellow lab Barney was with me for 12 years.
He was a recue from the pound in Jacksonville IL.
This was my boy Chucky. We had one heck of a bond but he passed away in July 2021. This pick was his last week here on earth and we were both exhausted from hospital stays and vet visits. I still have dreams of him frequently:

messages_0 (8).jpeg

Shelley's Mom passed away in November 2020 and we adopted her two elderly dogs, one of whom has since passed away. This is Katie; she can't replace Chucky but she is sweet and deserves our attention, so we won't adopt another one while she is with us.

This was my grilling buddy Aubrey. We lost her in May.


One day I was taking sliders off the grill and accidentally missed the plate with one and she gobbled it up in about .5 seconds. From that moment forward when I was at the grill she was right there waiting for cheeseburgers from heaven. lol.

We waited a few months then got our new pup, ZuZu




This is ZuZu sleeping with one of Aubrey's favorite toys. She's already growing into those legs. She's been a great dog already.

This is Harley. I lost her a couple weeks before Christmas last year.
She was 17-1/2 years old. Her "job" was to help me get the mail (my box is at the curb), and it was the highlight of her day.
She had a pretty good compensation package, but I'm probably lucky she never met Winchester's Union Rep. :D

And this is Meg. She is about 12-13 years old now. She had a pretty rough life before she came to me, and she is very
happy to be here, so she has NO inclination to leave the house or the yard unless it's on a leash. I never have to worry about
an open door or gate.

Meg LOVES her Grandma M4.jpg
And she is pretty good at supervising my hobbies. M5.jpg

Penny is 7-8 years old and she came earlier this year to be Meg's buddy - and to help me with the mail. :)
She also thinks that's the greatest thing ever! Unfortunately, at her first vet visit, they discovered a mast cell tumor.
She is receiving chemotherapy, so we'll see how that goes. She'll get lots of love and attention, no matter what.

Whitney our Golden Retriever/Husky/Coyote rescue on the left and her partner in crime Abby our Black Lab on the right. Been together for five years. Whittney raised Abby from a ten week old pup. They are inseparable and never once have they had a conflict, they both completely trust each other.
Makes for some interesting play time.


First day with Abby
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