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  • Rich, I was at Walmart so I sung by Safeway to check out those pellet grills, I was very impressed at the the overall look first, and then by the quality construction .
    The lid is built solid the lower cabinet is very nice .
    I actually like that it is not wifi and meat probed ready I want to learn to use this like a WSM .
    Keep me informed on the upcoming sale.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Rich when you are selling any of you grills PM me as I have moved from KY to Chimo Valley and looking to build here and have had to sell my grill with my house, now need to start again. Interested in your pellet purchase I have been looking at them over the last few years, I like the outside oven concept so great for many things I use to think differently but have been converted.
    As someone who made deep-dish pizza in the chicago suburbs at several places, itp would be an honor if i worked at the place you visited
    Rich / Barb, just want to send a pm - you both are adding a ton to the forum. Your cooks are always great and your comments, support and guidance to others is really appreciated. This place works because of people like you.

    PS: I love your sig! while I have a lot of gear too, but your 1999 Genesis has me jealous!

    Best, Jim
    Rich, Barb.
    thank you this very good information. I really like the area you are in I have been checking the web for pricing and all we are getting to the point where we fo not want or need a big place.
    We currently live south of Cicinnati Ohio. We get snow and zero temp days , also we get afew days high nnineties but with humidity in the 70/80% range so your weather will be very welcome.
    What really kills you here is the allergies pollen and such. Right now it is the rainy season we have had over five inches so far this month.
    I will keep in touch with you guys for pointers and input as we get closer.
    Kevin& Chong.
    Rich &Barb.
    my wife and I sre looking to retire out west and your area and Chino Valley are hogh on our list.
    if you could please run down a few pros And cons of the area
    it will be maybe 2018 before we make the big move.
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