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  • Ok. Let's see if I can send you a couple pics of my grate tool. Maybe even if you can't find one you can find something that will do the job, basically just hooking the grate for you so you can spin it around.

    Hi, Brad. I'm afraid I'm not much help, because I'm having trouble with Photobucket and can't find my grate tool online. It's about 20" long with a handle on one end, and a short notched bend on the other. The handle is wooden and says "The Grill Manager", and I bought it a few years back from Smoky Mountain Knifeworks here in TN. Anyhow, there are a few others available, but most are shorter. Of course, you want something that you can use to spin the grate around, as opposed to lifting it, like most grate tools are designed for. My buddy has a 22" wsm as well and told me he uses the tool that came with his Big Green Egg. Hope that helps, Dave
    Dave hey you posted something awhile back on a forum about using both grates and I got a question for you. You said you have a tool that you use as a grate tool? To turn the grate to check the meat on the bottom grate instead of opening the lid and removing the top grate out. Is this a home made tool or is it something that can be purchased. Thanks Dave.
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