1. K

    First brisket on WSM

    Any pork or chicken I am okay with, but briskets intimidate me. I have smoked a few briskets on an offset with fair results, but not since getting my WSM. When Sam's had some Excel prime packers on for $2.88 last weekend, I thought the time had come. The briskets were on the small side, so I...
  2. Tony R

    Brisket done our way

    This Sunday we smoked a brisket point. So here it goes. Got the wsm ready with hickory chunks Point was seasoned with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder The wsm settles at 265... So I left it alone. Water in the pan....disregard the chuck roast in the side that's for something else...
  3. M

    Prime CenTex Brisket

    Well, since the weather was so beautiful down here for the three-day weekend, me and the GF decided on Saturday to do a little hiking on some trails a few hours from our house. On our way to the state park, we drove through a town that I had heard rumors of having USDA Prime brisket on the...
  4. Steve_Williams

    Brisket Beauty! I'm 2 for 4 so Far

    Hi Brothers and Sisters, I have been shaking in my shoes as I have cooked 4 briskets but 2 of my 4 times were great and 2 dry. This last brisket turned out the best of them all. I am still looking for good tips on cooking brisket. Here is what I did. Prep the the 11 lb packer night before...
  5. AlWielgosz

    Tribute to Tony R

    So many of you seem to cook every day, and Tony seems to be the "Bar" setter. So Even though it's a bit colder here in the Northeast I felt I needed to suck it up and do a smoke. Weather here can get depressing for sure. So I decided to do a Smoke day. Brined some Chicken halve's for Cornell...
  6. W

    Help with Brisket

    Hey all! I have been the happy owner of a WSM for about 18 months now. I have been able to nail every type of meat I have cooked with the exception of brisket. If any of you have ideas or suggestions I would love to hear from you. The biggest issue I have is that the meat turns out too dry. It...
  7. P

    Brisket Help - WSM 18.5"

    Hello everybody! I am a new WSM 18.5" owner living in South Texas. I have used the smoker three times and I love it already. I have had a great first trial run on pork ribs. Although the brisket has great flavor, it is not fork tender and was hoping for some input from the WSM veterans...
  8. Bob Correll

    Prime Brisket Packer (ffat half) no pan WSM cook

    edit to add, I can't edit my header typo.:( Prime grade brisket from Costco. I cut it into two pieces, and froze them for two separate cooks. Flat piece rubbed with Oakridge Black Ops Brisket rub. Kbb and lump, with hickory and cherry wood. Top rack, direct with no water pan. Refreshment...
  9. Dave Atwater

    Injection Question

    Planning on cooking my first brisket tomorrow. It is a choice grade flat from Costco. I plan on injecting and applying rub. Should i inject, then rub, and let sit in the fridge overnight? Or rub, let sit, and inject prior to cooking? TIA, Dave
  10. J

    Over Night Smoke - First in awhile

    Morning.... My name is James. I was a member here a few years back. I had to register again but here I am. Thanks for all the good advice on this forum. I don't smoke as often as I'd like. Time is normally short. Ribs and chicken mainly. But this cook is different. I'm providing the meat for a...
  11. J

    wife's 30th birthday feast!

    figured id give the wsm a full run for the first time and first overnight cook at that...was kinda nervous at first since it was pretty much all we had to serve at her party. ended up smoking 2 10 lb butts for pulled pork, smallish 7lb brisket (biggest one they had at wegmans), 6 racks of ribs...
  12. H

    gameday brisket-all night cook

    I cooked a 8.5 lb brisket for the Clemson FSU game that turned out awful, but the food was great. Best brisket I have ever cooked. Started on the UDS drum at 8:15 pm friday night and cooked for 15 hours using blue bag k pecan cut from my yard and aged mesquite wood. I went to bed around...
  13. G

    Preloading Charcoal Night Before for "Overnight" Brisket

    Hi, I've done about 5 cooks with my 18" WSM so far. I've done the high heat brisket a few times and it's pretty great but I'm hoping that an overnight cook is going to make the brisket much more tender. I have two questions. 1) Does anyone know if I can pre-load the charcoal in the chamber the...
  14. W

    Excited New WSM 22.5 Owner Getting Ready for Fourth of July Brisket Smoke

    Good afternoon everyone. I (over) researched smokers for a few months and, after reading the VWBB, I got the WSM 22.5 and couldn't be any happier. I've already smoked a pork shoulder usng a rub I made and it turned out fantastic. I also did a brisket last weekend and it turned out fair (I...
  15. Chris AD

    How to Smoke a Brisket Flat

    So my mom has a few brisket flats that she got buying a beef a year ago that she has no idea what to do with. I told her I could smoke them, slice 'em thin, and then freeze them in vacuum bags and then use them as sandwich meat when we go camping. She thought that was a great idea. Now my...
  16. J

    First Brisket Smoke

    330 in the morning not a soul in sight ..... The thunder rolls and the 12lb brisket is on.
  17. S

    My very first brisket on a One touch Gold

    Hello. This is the first time I did a brisket. I think it's not a full packer- only the flat. Here in Germany it's not so easy to get the right parts because it's not as common as in USA. It was a very cold morning in February this year. I started at 5:00 am and finished it at 2:00 pm...
  18. Kaz S

    Birthday Brisket

    Yesterday was my birthday. Another year older. I turned 32! And to celebrate this great day I cooked a big hunk of beef and had a blast just relaxing outside in the shade by my wsm! First peak Looking awesome, let it rock n roll on! This was my view. I am a lucky man! Beautiful weather...
  19. K. Smith

    Want to buy a 22" smoker--questions

    We have a large Weber Grill that we use to make pulled pork and brisket using the Cook's Illustrated method which involved smoking for about 2 hours, then finishing in the oven. The pork is delicious, but the brisket needs some work. I'm trying to convince the other half that we need to buy a...
  20. PeterD

    New York > NYC: Hill Country Barbecue Market

    I'd given up any and all hope of finding decent restaurant barbecue in this part of the country until I tried Hill Country. This is beef barbecue at its very best. The brisket is utterly superb, ribs are big'n'beefy, the sides are great and the atmosphere is wonderful. It was modeled after...