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    New WSM owner doing my first brisket.

    Hi all! I'm brand new to the group, though I have popped by to read an article or two now and again over the years. I'm also a brand new WSM 22.5" owner. My previous smoker was a side box model with more holes than cheese grater, so needless to say, smoking on it was a hassle. So much so that I...
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    Different size brisket

    Good morning, Overnight tonight I am planning to smoke 2 brisket in my wsm 22" I have had several successful briskets in the 2 months since I got the WSM. However, not sure what to do with these two hunks of meat. 1 is 14.1# and the other is 9.3#. Both Black Angus Choice whole Brisket. Planning...