1. M

    Shooting for that LOOOONG Smoke!

    First time caller, long time listener. Thanks much for all the advice on this board. Been very helpful and my family appreciates the fantastic food that has come out of the recommendations here. I have a WSM 22.5. Got it for Father’s Day in June and I’ve used it about 15 times now. I love...
  2. B

    Smoking multiple brisket in WSM

    Hello, I have a 22" wsm, and I am needing to cook 2 15lb briskets for a party soon. Will the briskets cook fine stacked side by side or should I lay them flat one on the top and one on the bottom? Thank you, Just wanted to get some input on this to see if there might be a better way to do this...
  3. Scott Shimano

    CBBQA BBQ 102 Class - September 9 (Orange, CA)

    The California Barbeque Association (CBBQA) is presenting our next class on Saturday, September 9 at the Woodshed in Orange, CA (adjacent to Anaheim). During this 7-hour class, students will learn advanced recipes and techniques from some of the best, award-winning pit masters from the CBBQA...
  4. A

    Full Packer Brisket on 14.5 WSM

    Hello everyone! I had been thinking about how to do a full-packer brisket on my 14.5 WSM for some time. Here's how I ended up doing it: First - meet my custom "brisket bar". I made this from a simple length of 2" x 1/8" steel flat bar. I used a grinder to cut two notches on the ends that...
  5. G

    A little Mother's Day brisket

    Because I love her
  6. P

    Finding fatty brisket (and other cuts) in London, UK?

    Hi folks. I'm a US expat living in London and new to smoking. We have some wonderful local butchers here, and although meat is expensive as compared to the US I always thought the quality was quite good. I've just gotten into smoking, and I purchased my first 2.5kg piece of "test" brisket...
  7. B

    Dry Brisket

    Dry Brisket Problem This is about my sixth attempt at making a whole brisket from costco. Problems with it coming out dry. A few notes: about 11 pounds before trimming foil in pan, filled with water once (a little liquid leftover at the end of the cook) cyberQ used, steady temp of 250...
  8. G

    After Easter

    So after our Easter Brisket my better half asked for something different. So this is what I came up with - prime rib steaks
  9. Y Rawat

    Supperclub Brisket!

    Hi Everyone, After my initial posts regarding cooking multiple briskets. and holding briskets. I'm pleased to announce that the...
  10. Y Rawat

    How long can you hold briskets in a cooler box?

    Thanks for the advice on my multiple brisket post! I've now decided to start early at Midnight and smoke until the brisket reaches around 205F. Im worried that the briskets will finish smoking at...
  11. Y Rawat

    Cooking Multiple Briskets on the WSM.

    I'm smoking three Dry Aged Aberdeen Angus Briskets for my first supper club for friends and family next weekend. I wanted some advice regarding timings and fuel consumption on my 57cm (22.5") WSM I'm going putting an extra (smaller) rack in by using a few tin cans between the first and second...
  12. Y Rawat

    Hi from London, UK

    Hi Everyone!! Firstly, I like to thank the Moderator for allowing me onto this wonderful forum! Looking forward to liaising with more experienced WSM owners. I started Smoking meat around 2 years ago, its an art that hasn't really taken off in the UK. I've smoked Beef, Lamb, Chicken and have...
  13. D

    Wrapping brisket and pork roast and using the juice

    I pretty much always wrap my brisket and pork roast in heavy duty aluminum foil, both at around 160 degrees. I then cook them for several more hours until they reach about 195. I then will let them rest for at least an hour (after opening foil for some time to stop cooking) - my question is...
  14. T

    Need advice on first Prime brisket

    Hi, All! Need some advice here. I've got my first ever prime brisket to smoke; also, it's by far the largest brisket I've ever smoked (19.6 lbs..holy crap!) I ordered it here:, but I had ordered a 14-16lb prime and they sent me a 19.6lb prime. It needs a good...
  15. Brett Fields

    Brisket in the 14.5 WSM

    :wsm22: Truly, my best brisket comes out of my 22 inch WSM. When I use my 18, I feel like the ends just get too beaten & dried out. I've tried stuffing it between the handles, but even still. The distance between the end of the meat and the edge of the grate really helps a lot. That said...
  16. Michael C.

    TBT Wine Oak Brisket

    I bought my 18" WSM back in 2006, after a few cooks, I went for it, and did my first brisket. I used wine oak staves, cooked over night, rested for about 2hrs in towels. It was a little breezy that night, thus the wind break. I was happy how well the brisket turned out. It was super tender, not...
  17. M

    Brisket to fast?

    I'm doing an overnight brisket. It's about 14 pounds and I started it at 11 PM. It's 3:30 AM now and the thing is already up to 153. (OK I guess with the 40-140-4 thing, right?) I'm betting a stall is coming, but I'm not planning on dinner until 5 PM today. Is thing going too fast? Do I have...
  18. B

    Prime flat brisket vs. Packer choice brisket - brisket newbie

    So, I'm going to be smoking a brisket for the first time on my WSM. I am going to go to Costco to pick up my brisket and my choices are either a prime flat brisket or a choice whole packer - which would you get and why? Also, I have only smoked one brisket before (new to this) and it was a...
  19. D

    Weber Smokey Mountain and Bark Question

    Hello all I live in Laurel, Md (suburb of DC) and I've had my WSM for about a year. My question is what is the best way to get a good bark with the WSM on brisket and pork butt? (I use a homemade rub consisting of salt, brown sugar, paprika and other spices) I've done about 10 of each on the WSM...
  20. M

    Need some help guys. Brisket and pork- same time

    You guys were awesome with my first brisket smoke a few weeks ago. I have a 15# packer (before trimming) ready to go on tonight before bed and now have my parents and the in laws are coming over too. Thinking I may not have enough meet for 9 adults. I can run and buy a pork butt real quick...