Brisket in the 14.5 WSM


Brett Fields

:wsm22: Truly, my best brisket comes out of my 22 inch WSM. When I use my 18, I feel like the ends just get too beaten & dried out. I've tried stuffing it between the handles, but even still. The distance between the end of the meat and the edge of the grate really helps a lot.

That said, I would love to hear if anyone is successfully doing brisket in their 14.5. Since I got mine (I now have all three), it's been the cooker I use the most as a daily driver. I love this thing! Anyway, I've been apprehensive to try brisket. I've read all sorts of suggestions like separate the point & flat, but has anyone tried? What have been your experiences? :wsm22:

Guys, I see a similar thread about 12 posts down. I guess I just wanted to rephrase a similar question. I'm looking for people's personal experiences, both good & bad.