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  • Hi Robert. Just wanted to say your homemade Performer is one of the coolest builds ever. Thanks for taking the time to post your work. Unbelievable job. Happy Fourth!

    Sorry, I haven't cooked lamb in years.
    Maybe this message is for somebody else?

    If you are referring to the flat basket I made for the 14.5, I didn't take pix when I did it.
    All I can say is it started out as a frying basket for a deep fryer. I cut it down to 2" in height, modified the top to fit inside the basket.
    I added shaft collars to accommodate a spit & four tabs with holes for height adjustment. I put two prongs on one side of the lid to fit the holes in two of the tabs.
    I use two spring clips that fit the tabs on the other side of the basket to keep the top from falling out.

    Clear as mud I bet!

    Have fun, Robert
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