14.5 wsm

  1. D

    smoked chuck roast wsm 14.5

    Did my 2nd cook in the wsm 14.5 yesterday and smoked some thick cut (over 4 in.) chuck roasts. Temps were 230F-260F for 5 hrs. Smoked to an internal temp of 153F (hit the stall) and then placed both roasts covered in a foil pan in the oven til internal temp of 203F and let them rest in a cooler...
  2. M

    14.5 WSM-max. Cooking time?

    Just bought a new 14.5 WSM. What is the longest time to expect sufficient heat using Kingsford Blue? Plan to smoke a brisket, want to know if I have to dump the ashes halfway through and start a new fire.
  3. Michael C.

    Game time wings

    Great day for the LA teams, both the Rams and the Chargers shut out their opponents! Threw some seasoned hot wings on the mini me smoker. Used a mix of hickory and apple wood for the smoke. 45 minutes later, they were ready to eat. Great fall colors around here too :). IMG_0379 by flyboymlc, on...
  4. Michael C.

    Project smoke Sockeye Salmon

    My Amazon order for Steven Raichlen's project smoke came in today. Since I already thawed out some Salmon from Alaska, thought I'd give it a shot. Man! All three of these rubs taste excellent!!!! Low in sodium but full of flavor. I had a hard time to decide which rub to use. I ended up using the...
  5. Michael C.

    Wings on the 14.5 WSM

    I was craving for some wings, I picked up some spicy seasoned wings from the store. Threw them on the mini me smoker, used two big chucks of apple and hickory wood, probably overkill, but the wings came our perfect. No water in pan, all vents open, rock solid at 250F for the entire cook. I use...
  6. Michael C.

    Wings again on the WSM 14.5"

    I am completely digging this little mini me smoker. It works so great!!!! Local store again had wings on sale. I bought a random mix of wings, and threw them on the WSM. I used Apple wood for smoke. Only takes about an hr or so, and the wings are done. So easy to lock in temps on this little...
  7. Michael C.

    $40 14.5 WSM today

    Well well, strolling in my local Wally world today, I saw a 14.5" WSM in the garden area, marked down to $40 bucks!!!! It was a floor model missing the weber cover and all the screws were a bit loose. I already have one, but what the heck. I bought it because it was $40 Bucks!!!!!!! It will be...
  8. Michael C.

    Pork Sirloin roast on the 14.5 WSM

    I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out, but I said, what the heck. I picked up a very small pork sirloin roast on sale, and threw it on my Mini Me smoker. I used some rub that I picked up from Hawaii 2 weeks ago, good stuff, goes on everything! No water in pan, a mix of hickory and apple...
  9. Brett Fields

    Brisket in the 14.5 WSM

    :wsm22: Truly, my best brisket comes out of my 22 inch WSM. When I use my 18, I feel like the ends just get too beaten & dried out. I've tried stuffing it between the handles, but even still. The distance between the end of the meat and the edge of the grate really helps a lot. That said...
  10. Michael C.

    14.5 WSM Spare ribs

    I threw a whole rack of Farmer Johns spare ribs on sale for $1.77 lb. Great deal! I had to cut it up in sections to fit on my Mini Me Smoker. I used hickory wood and water in the pan. I smoked the ribs for 3 hrs, then foiled for 2hrs, then out of the foil for about 10 minutes with some BBQ...
  11. Michael C.

    14.5 WSM Beer can chicken

    I am really enjoying using this Mini Me smoker. Did beer can chicken. I rubbed canola oil all over the bird, and seasoned with Weber's roasted garlic and herb rub. I used a mix of Apple and peach wood for the smoke. No water in pan, just foil. This thing was super easy to set temp at 250F, it...
  12. Michael C.

    My new 14.5" WSM Smoker!!! $99 deal too!

    Just like others have posted, I checked my local Walmart and found the Weber 14.5" smoker marked down on clearance for $99 bucks! There were 2 left, I grabbed one right away! I've own my Weber 18" WSM for 10 yrs now, I know how to use it. I was excited to give this little guy a run tonight! Easy...
  13. D

    Hi everyone!

    I've been browsing this site for awhile wanting to buy an 18 or 22 WSM. I had to register today to share my excitement, yesterday at Walmart I spotted a WSM with no price. After talking to numerous workers and managers with no answers, I suggested it must be a clearance item. It is only a...
  14. Danny C's

    How much chicken on the 14" WSM?

    Morning All, I'm curious how much chicken folks have been able to fit on a 14" WSM at once and how you have it cut up and arranged. Also curious for those that are using a maverick thermometer for pit temp, seems like it takes up a lot of space on the grate in order to make sure the tip of...
  15. Danny C's

    Beginner Using New 14.5" WSM. Any tips or recipes?

    I had long wanted to make my own bbq and recently took the plunge and bought a 14.5" WSM. I've done 3 cooks so far (pork shoulder, baby back ribs, and beer can chicken) and while everything has been pretty tasty, I know there's a ton of room for improvement. Most of the recipes I come across...
  16. Chuck Simon

    I got it!!!!

    I have always been a big fan of BBQ, but my wife and kids not so much. When I heard that weber was coming out with a 14.5" WSM, I knew I had to have one. I was able to track one down at a local Ace Hardware My kids seemed to be really excited about it too for some reason. LOL! If has been...
  17. Chuck Simon

    14.5" wsm

    I am a little behind and didn't know this was coming out until yesterday. I went to my local Ace Hardware to price it out, but they didn't have any in stock. The lady was nice enough to check other stores. She said that all of the other local Ace Hardware store have them in stock. I am going...