$40 14.5 WSM today


Michael C.

TVWBB Gold Member
Well well, strolling in my local Wally world today, I saw a 14.5" WSM in the garden area, marked down to $40 bucks!!!! It was a floor model missing the weber cover and all the screws were a bit loose. I already have one, but what the heck. I bought it because it was $40 Bucks!!!!!!! It will be a nice addition to my Weber Family. I tighten all the screws, cleaned it up a bit, as it appears it was left out in the occasional rain. I also bought a bag of apple wood chunks as I ran out last week. Got to love a great deal when you see one!!!!!!! I still can't believe I got a $200 Weber smoker for only $40 bucks!!!! :)

Great deal there Michael. I pickled mine up for $50, best $50 I've ever spent.
That's awesome - I don't even have room for another, but if I ever see one that low there's no way I could pass it up.
Hide that thing quick, The police are on their way! You stole that smoker!!!
Some deals are just way too good to pass up. Great find!
Yes it was such a deal! They cashier had to call the Manager several times of the PA to get a price override. It was worth it!!!