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  • Hey Jim, it's me, again. I'm just curious, what type of earl do you use on your grates? The info. from Craycort says to use soy or bacon grease. I love bacon but I don't eat enough to use on the grill. Should I use something like crisco lard?
    Hey Jim.

    I noticed in a pic of one of your cooks that you have a craycort cast iron grate. I also noticed you have another 1/4 section raised up off of the grill for a warming rack.
    I should have one at my front door when I reach home this evening. Imitation is really just flattering so, I purchased an extra 1/4 section also.
    My question is, what kind of hardware did you use to accomplish this and of what type of material is it made of? I know you have to be careful of certain metals when using them for cooking.
    Thanks Jim and I hope you're having a great day!
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