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    Smoked Kielbasa

    a local meat market offers rings nearly all the time, however, displayed for sale during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas times. I buy them especially for smoking.
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    Burnt ends. Wow!!

    Bruno, the only thing that could make this better is all those burnt ends on a plate in front on my face! Nice cooking!!
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    Smoked Kielbasa

    about a 3lb ring of kielbasa over hickory wood and Weber briquettes. placed on the 14" WSM... trying to stay below 235ºF. after one hour, i flipped the ring over... after another hour, the sausage reached the desired internal temperature of 165ºF rested for 15 minutes or so, I sliced...
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    Silicone probe access

    To clarify, the probe is to monitor the smoker temp, not the meat temp...
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    Silicone probe access

    How do you use it? I’m smoking a ring of kielbasa with no room to clip the probe to the cooking grate. Other times, I’d just drop it inside the lid vent. Today, I decided to push it in the silicone side opening. Just let it sit there.
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    Will there be any Memorial Day Weekend Charcoal Sales this year?

    at this point, i'm not too concerned about sales, as long as I can get the stuff I need from a safe environment, i'll be happy.
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    Pork Steak for Two

    Hey Bob, running low on film? :D Pork Steaks look AWESOME, as usual! The Pork King has many pork steak posts and, as the one above, here is one of my favourites:
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    Pulled Pork Overnighter

    Pat, first thing I gotta say is PICKLES! So cool you have pickles on your sammies! LoveIt!! Then, your photos look great! Beautiful night shot there... And the Pork... Fantastic! now I got a taste for pulled pork..... Thanks for this posting ;)
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    Pallbearer Spares

    you know my adopted habits well ;)
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    Pallbearer Spares

    TVWBB Super Fan Mike Form Little Rock sent me a week's supply of a homemade rub tabbed The Pallbearer. Yesterday, I put it to use. On a rack of spares. fired up the 26" Weber kettle with Weber briquette's and apple wood. After 5 hours at an average of 270ºF, I removed the rack from the...
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    Chimney dog, and hot & fast chicken.

    but a lot to eet there! Didcha wrap that dog in anything, Bob? or just eet it off the fork? Bird looks Good! we now have the rainy 40's here, with high winds today.
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    Sunday Smoke

    :cry: nice colour on both the pork and brisket! Beef looks perfect! An ideal dinner!
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    Friday Feel Good's

    Haven't had beef ribs since the beginning of March in Phoenix, your dinner smoke has my mind racing where to find some now, Russ... They look Terrific!
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    Sausage stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken thighs

    Ya can't beat that with a stick Christopher.... They look Awesome and dinner i'll bet was DELICOUS!!
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    Pork Butt on the Performer

    Great looking pork you got there, Karl! Nice work!!