smoked chuck roast wsm 14.5


David Zimmer

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Did my 2nd cook in the wsm 14.5 yesterday and smoked some thick cut (over 4 in.) chuck roasts. Temps were 230F-260F for 5 hrs. Smoked to an internal temp of 153F (hit the stall) and then placed both roasts covered in a foil pan in the oven til internal temp of 203F and let them rest in a cooler for about hr. Both roasts came out good but there was some fat connective tissue in the middle of both roasts. I feel like if I left any longer, I would have pulled beef instead of sliced. Any ideas how to render the fat more?


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HI David. I'm not an expert and so I may not have the best advice. I've never prepared a chuck roast your way (maybe I should!) but I've done many of them for poor man's burnt ends. During that process I took them to an IT north of 165, pulled them to cut in cubes during which time I also discarded the fat you're referring to, then placed them in a foil pan with a BBQ sauce and put them back in the smoker (usually at an elevated temperature).

If there's a way to render that fat rather than discarding it I don't know what it is.