beef chuck roast

  1. OliverLeveritt

    My Little Meteorite

    Three point something pound chuck, dry brined w/ 9 grams sea salt then air dried for 42 hours due to schedule conflict the previous day. Added black pepper before smoking. S&P Only. WSM 14. Dry wrapped pan. B&B briquettes. B&B Post Oak chunks. 250° - 260°. @ 2 hrs, hard stall and reverse...
  2. D

    smoked chuck roast wsm 14.5

    Did my 2nd cook in the wsm 14.5 yesterday and smoked some thick cut (over 4 in.) chuck roasts. Temps were 230F-260F for 5 hrs. Smoked to an internal temp of 153F (hit the stall) and then placed both roasts covered in a foil pan in the oven til internal temp of 203F and let them rest in a cooler...
  3. Chris Allingham

    Throwdown #18: Beef Chuck Roast

    I'd like to extend another congrats to Dwain Pannell for winning Throwdown #17 Pork Tenderloin back in December in convincing fashion. As winner, he gets to pick the next throwdown ingredient, and he's decided on... BEEF CHUCK ROAST! As Dwain says, "It's an inexpensive, tough cut perfect for...