1. T

    Need Advice: Interested in acquiring and restoring a rusty 18 WSM

    Hey All I recently came across an inexpensive but quite rough WSM-18. Since I dont like junky stuff, I of course would want to resore it as much as economically feasible. Attached are the pics I got that show a fair amount of rust inside and out. What ideas besides " a lot of elbow grease"...
  2. D

    smoked chuck roast wsm 14.5

    Did my 2nd cook in the wsm 14.5 yesterday and smoked some thick cut (over 4 in.) chuck roasts. Temps were 230F-260F for 5 hrs. Smoked to an internal temp of 153F (hit the stall) and then placed both roasts covered in a foil pan in the oven til internal temp of 203F and let them rest in a cooler...
  3. DanHoo

    Survivor: patio edition.

  4. M

    WSM 18.5 Temperature has been running low?

    Hello, My WSM 18.5 that I've had for 14 years has been running at a lower temparature for the last couple of cooks. In the past, I've had no problem with getting it to run at whatever temperature I wanted. I only use Kingsford charcoal. Today, I smoked three racks aof spare ribs and...
  5. MichaelLC

    This Tell-Tru Install OK For WSM 18" ?

    I picked up a Tel-Tru BQ225 and a install kit from Amazon for my WSM. May get another TT for the kettle. To install, I just used the OEM Weber bezel, sat the Tel-Tru on top, and used the wingnut from the install kit to tighten. Fits tight without sliding around. Any reason this would not be...
  6. D

    Barrel Clamps Mod for WSM 14.5"

    I recently picked up a 14.5 WSM after owning an 18.5 for a couple of years. One of my favorite mods on the 18.5 were the cylinder locks from Cajun Bandit, which prevent the smoker from falling over and make it easier to transport. I especially liked the Cajun Bandit locks because the can be...
  7. A

    When will the next line of WSM be released?

    When will the next line of WSM be released and what upgrades/differences would you expect on new model? I‘m contemplating getting one but would hold off if better version is just around the corner.
  8. O

    A used WSM 18" ... To buy, or not to buy, that is the question

    Hello everyone!! I am new to the group, and I would like to ask for your opinions, fellow grillers :george:. I am planning on buying a Smokey mountain (either 14.5" or 18") and found this smoker around north Houston. A few downsides are that it does not have the door, covering, and based on...
  9. Kevin Blair

    Howdy from southcentral Indiana

    I own a couple Weber grills and my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday this coming spring and I told her and now she is going to get me a Smokey Mountain Cooker .I already know 3 guys that has the WSM and they cook on them as smokers and as a grills and absolutely love them and have...
  10. Darryl - swazies

    WSM heat ranges

    I have a fella I'm chatting with and considering a swap of my Traeger for his WSM. I will miss doing jerky on my Traeger as it turns out being some of the best meat you can sink your teeth into. It makes the MRS. urge me not to sell it or trade it. I usually smoke the jerky at 180 super...
  11. JDillard

    WSM Identification Needed

    Hi guys! I’m wondering if you all could help me identify the size of this WSM. I am picking it up on Saturday after finding it on FB marketplace. The door looks different from the current WSM models that I see in store. The handle also looks wooden - possible after market handle?? Anyway, any...
  12. John K BBQ

    Have you smoked a chuck roast ever or lately?

    The weather was awesome in St. Louis this weekend. A perfect time for an all day smoke. I did a chuck roast on the WSM with a little early morning help from my assistant pit masters. If you enjoy smokey beef and beef brisket and haven’t tried a smoking a chuck roast yet, you should give it a...
  13. T

    Adding support for charcoal grate to use 22" WSM as a grill

    I recently upgraded to the 22" WSM and I want to be able to use it as a charcoal grill as well as a smoker. I looked at a few different ideas for supporting a charcoal grate a few inches below the top grate, and I liked this one from Phil N Florence, but I wanted to avoid two things about this...
  14. W

    Last 20% of my cooks take forever! Help please

    Last 20% of every cook take forever! Help please I have had Weber gas and charcoal performer for years. I have also had a pellet grill for about 2 years. I enjoyed the ease of the pellet pooper, but wanted something that was charcoal, nothing beats charcoal/real wood flavor, and also would be a...
  15. M

    Bacon on 22.5" WSM w/ Cajun Bandit Door/ Ring and Signals/Bellows

    So I got bored over the holidays and decided to make some bacon using my WSM. This is not my first time making bacon, but I did scale things up as people are always asking to buy some. So I intend to sell ~20/30 lb or 2/3 of the Pork Bellies that I smoked. I used the method outlined at...
  16. G

    18.5" WSM for sale Chicago

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 18.5" WSM for sale Chicago It has a couple of modifications done by the previous owner. Mid section handles, large thermometer and probe eyelets. It is in excellent shape, a bit dusty as it has not been used in a long time and it comes with a cover. Pics are not the best...
  17. B

    14.5 burning too hot

    Got a well seasoned 14.5” wsm I’ve been smoking faithfully on for 2 years. It always stays in the sweet spot 225-250 more or less. Very happy. But the last 4 sessions have seen very high temps that I can’t understand. 275 and up range. I use Kingsford blue bag charcoal, foiled water pan full of...
  18. S

    Smokey Joe Mini WSM, Charcoal and temperature help

    I built a Smokey Joe Mini WSM a few years ago. I try to use it a few times a year when camping, But I always have issues maintaining a good smoking temperature. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they can share or point me in the right direction? I plan on using it this weekend for a 6lb pork...
  19. G

    Great party Great food

    Well folks I did it. BBQ for 60+ people in my backyard. It was a great party and the food was great. it was a challenge but it was worth it. 4 briskets 4 pork butts and over 100 chicken drumsticks! The plan was to eat at 6 pm so I got started at 2 am. Get the charcoal ready, trim and season...
  20. G

    How many is too many

    Big cook coming up. Right now the plan is to try to do 4 briskets at once. How many briskets have you cooked at the same time on a WSM22.5? Where there any hiccups?