Smokey Joe Mini WSM, Charcoal and temperature help


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I built a Smokey Joe Mini WSM a few years ago. I try to use it a few times a year when camping, But I always have issues maintaining a good smoking temperature. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they can share or point me in the right direction? I plan on using it this weekend for a 6lb pork shoulder. Ever time I've tried it, I end up spending the day chasing around 225. either way to hot or the charcoal gets too much ash and gets to low of a temp.
I planned on filling the charcoal grate with charcoal. and smoking wood. then adding about a 1/4 of a chimneys worth of hot coals in the middle. Then adding pot/meat. What might the best settings for the bottom and top vents?

Thanks for any help.

Out side Temperature is expected to be low 60's with very little wind.




Makes cooking so simple, easy, you do it more often
Little more trouble than an oven

Probably not what you were looking for
But its truly a game changer.
Unless you want to constantly attend a futzing with vents, or # starting coals, or minion methods, etc.

I got a smoky joe im going to convert over christmas holidays.
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Give this lighting method a try. It works extremely well. I very rarely cook down at 225 anymore. Usually I am up in the 265-285 or even as high as 325-250.

When I used to use the minion method I'd start with 5-6 lit briquettes.

As for vent settings always have the top vent open and usually two of the lower vents shut completely off once I am up to temp.

I recently did purchase the BBQ-Guru PartyQ. So that changes everything. I have smoked for over 10 years without using it on my Mini-WSM's and 14.5 WSM.