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    • CaseT
      CaseT replied to the thread Hatch chili turkey meatloaf.
      Typically we have roasted hatch chilies Vac packed and frozen. We buy a case during the season and roast them. This year we didn’t so...
    • CaseT
      Hatch chili turkey meatloaf. This idea popped into my head a few days ago. Last minute I decided enchilada sauce would be good as a...
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    • CaseT
      It’s in there to keep the bag from hitting the metal stick of the Anova. I had a bag melt once. Neat thing with the chamber vacuum...
    • CaseT
      Sous Vide Tri tip with a quick sear. Sous vide was 125°f for nine hours. Tri tip was marinated in Henderson’s relish, fish sauce, white...
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    • CaseT
      CaseT replied to the thread Bacon Cook Day.
      So Prague #2 is typically used for long term curing in meats that aren’t cooked. Please post a break down of your process so people...
    • CaseT
      CaseT replied to the thread Corned beef Season.
      Completely spaced off that this coming Friday is Saint Patrick’s day! Guess I better grab a brisket and get to curing!
    • CaseT
      Last summer I acquired a whole 16lb fresh caught Chinook Salmon while on a trip to the coast. I had it steaked and then I vacuum packed...
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    • CaseT
      CaseT replied to the thread March is our new November.
      Thanks all for the replies! We had more snow this week. Now today it’s 50 and it’s a mud and slush out outback there!
    • CaseT
      CaseT replied to the thread March is our new November.
      Here you go
    • CaseT
      Cold, snow, hail typical weather for November but we’re getting it in March. So we had a full Turkey dinner! I bought two small turkeys...
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    • CaseT
      CaseT replied to the thread Jumbo Ravioli.
      Looks great. We have a pasta party with some friends and my wife and I always make raviolis because we have my wife’s grandmas ravioli...
    • CaseT
      I’ve done it for years. The new chamber sealer makes the process even easier. Don’t have to worry about sucking the marinade into the...
    • CaseT
      I have a Vac tumbler. Use it mainly for beef jerky. With the new chamber vacuum sealer though I may not use it anymore.
    • CaseT
      Look tasty! I made Italian dressing breasts on Monday. II used the last of some homemade dressing we has that needed to be used as a...
    • CaseT
      CaseT replied to the thread A little Sous vide chuck roast.
      Yeah been really busy at work and haven’t had time to make awesome meals to post. We still make most of our meals at home just not photo...
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