1. BenM

    First Cook on my Performer

    This is my first cook on my Performer. I like to smoke chicken, but this time I decided to go with a simple, straight-forward, grilling method. No wood, no smoke tubes. Just charcoal. I used a homemade citrus-based marinade, and nothing else. It was served over baby arugula with a...
  2. C

    WTB Summit Kamado S6 in Southern California

    I’m looking to upgrade from my trusty Performer with charcoal ignition. Just want something a little bigger and nicer to complement my Genesis S435. Willing to pickup Anywhere in the LA / IE metro area.
  3. M

    Vintage Weber charcoal bin for sale

    For sale: Vintage Weber charcoal bin. Excellent vintage condition, with a nice patina and no broken parts. Please see the accompanying photos. This item is from the mid 1980’s. Stored in a basement for the past 30+ years. A nice complement to a Weber charcoal grill. Price is $50 plus shipping...
  4. BenM

    Used Pizza Kettle Mod - could not get the temp above 400 degrees.

    I have the kettle pizza mod and tried it last night for the first time. I used an overfilled chimney with Kingsford and added three chunks of post oak and still could not get the temp above 350-400, which is nowhere near what is needed to make pizza. All vents were wide open. Any idea what the...
  5. Chris-SF

    Kingsford Pro sale at Costco

    $5.50 off in warehouse for 2pk/18lbs through this weekend for those looking to stock up before Labor Day.
  6. BenM

    New to WSM - question about the amount of charcoal to use?

    When using my 18" WSM, how much coal do I put in the ring and my chimney when I am making ribs, brisket, and pork butt? Do I put in the same amount for each type of meat different need different amounts? And what about cold smoking something like a 2-pound chunk of cheese? Thank you
  7. Randy G

    Publix - Kingsford BOGO for $12.47

    Good morning. I just walked out of my local Publix Supermarket and they have 16lb Kingsford original for $12.47 - BOGO. Havent checked what HD and Lowe’s are doing yet but worth a trip to Publix for the BOGO. Too bad the price of meat is still sky high. Happy Grilling and BBQ’ing!
  8. T

    New Weber Summit Kamado E6 - Lid misaligned

    Hello everyone. I received yesterday my brand new Weber Summit Kamado E6. I assembled it all without issues but in the end I noticed that my lid does not sit aligned with the bowl. If I look from the underside, I can see that the lid is a few mm to the left side but the thermometer, front handle...
  9. M

    Weber 22" Performer Charcoal Grill for sale in SoCal (Canyon Country)

    Asking for $225. Must be picked up. Bought new ($279 +taxes), used maybe 10-15 times. Great condition, have to sell because of HOA rules. Price includes Weber chimney starter ($20 value), remaining half bag of charcoal, the few remaining tumbleweed firestarters and lighter cubes I have, 3/4...
  10. Dave - Unixadm

    Dave's Masterbuilt 1050 Gravity Feed Experiences

    So if any of you have checked out my other posts about the Smokefire EX6 and the Campchef Woodwind 36, this will be a similar thread. Initial assembly, to burn-in, to mods, to various cooks. I'll post up my honest opinion but that opinion is just that, an opinion. I ordered the Masterbuilt...
  11. S

    Smokey Joe Mini WSM, Charcoal and temperature help

    I built a Smokey Joe Mini WSM a few years ago. I try to use it a few times a year when camping, But I always have issues maintaining a good smoking temperature. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they can share or point me in the right direction? I plan on using it this weekend for a 6lb pork...
  12. K

    Grilling over charcoal is objectively, scientifically better than grilling over gas

    Here is an article from Wired... Charcoal or GAS...!!
  13. J Robb

    Embers charcoal $1.90/bag on clearance at Home Depot

    My local Home Depot has their Embers Charcoal on clearance for $1.90/bag. Has anyone used it? It’s made by Royal Oak, but I couldn’t find any info online how it’s made, additives, etc. It got mixed reviews on Home Depot’s site, but I grabbed a few bags anyway just because it’s cheap.
  14. D

    Akorn Charcoal Management

    Hi - I'm pretty new to the community, but I've learned a lot by reading here before I joined. Thanks so much to all for sharing what you do, it really helped out a n00b like me. In that spirit, I'll share some failures and a success that might help other Akorn (or other kamado?) users. Check...
  15. J

    2016 Charcoal Sales?

    Reaching out to the community for some collective knowledge sharing. I know we are fast approaching Memorial Day and thus (hopefully) some significant charcoal sales. I haven't see anything yet but figured I'd get the thread started as people locate flyers/charcoal specials in the coming days...
  16. B

    First smoke in a 22" WSM... newbie cleanup question

    Hi everyone, I am new to smoking and new to the Weber Smokey Mountain. I have read so much on the process, but one area I wanted to check in with everyone else is what you do when you're done with the meat? I have a ton of questions... How do I safely clean up and deal with the charcoal...
  17. M

    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill - Saturday in southern Illinois

    My apologies if this isn't the right area for this, but I just got word that Weber will have a Summit Charcoal Grill on display at Murdale True Value in Carbondale this Saturday. This is the first time I've heard of one being anywhere outside of a metro area and wanted to give a heads-up. I'm...
  18. S

    Any other Go-Anywhere fans out there?

    I love my little Weber Go-Anywhere grill. It's extremely portable, gets hot with a minimum amount of charcoal, and produces a mean sear. It's amazing. They just don't get enough love in this round shape grill world. I have the charcoal version.
  19. DCloin

    Kings ford sale at Walmart Mart

    2 x 15 lb bags for $7.94 [/URL][/IMG]
  20. AlexD

    Smoke Weekend #5 - Beer Can Chicken

    Hello All! Ok my 5th weekend with the WSM! This weekend was Beer-can-chicken. The day started with a trip to home depot! Plus I got a massive bag of wood for 75% off! Used the McCormick Sweet and Spicy Rub on the Chicken! Next for the Beer! Goodlife Brewing out of Bend, OR. Sweet A's...