1. BenM

    Used Pizza Kettle Mod - could not get the temp above 400 degrees.

    I have the kettle pizza mod and tried it last night for the first time. I used an overfilled chimney with Kingsford and added three chunks of post oak and still could not get the temp above 350-400, which is nowhere near what is needed to make pizza. All vents were wide open. Any idea what the...
  2. BenM

    How Long To Get My 18" WSM Up To Temp?

    As a rule of thumb, how long should it take to get my 18" WSM up to 225-250?
  3. D

    Heatermeter troubles - No Communication after a while on hot days

    Since I built my Heatermeter a couple of years ago, it works like a champ whenever I use it on a chilly day. I even used it for a week straight in the fall last year to make sure some concrete I poured was staying warm enough and it never choked. Now that it's getting to be summer again...
  4. S

    Smokey Joe Mini WSM, Charcoal and temperature help

    I built a Smokey Joe Mini WSM a few years ago. I try to use it a few times a year when camping, But I always have issues maintaining a good smoking temperature. Does anyone have any tips or tricks they can share or point me in the right direction? I plan on using it this weekend for a 6lb pork...
  5. R

    Suggestions on Homebrew Beer making controller?

    Hey guys, I thought this may be a good place to ask, since we're talking about a similar topic.....temperature controllers. I also started home-brewing beer a year ago. I've only made a few batches so far, but wanted to get more accurate/consistent results and thought about beer making...
  6. M

    Pork Butts 165 to 200 - How Long?

    I'm smoking 2 Boston butts this weekend and the recipe I'm following says to smoke 'em to 165, then foil 'em, then put them back in until they hit 200. Any theories how long going from 165 to 200 in the foil might take? I'm trying to figure out my schedule... Thanks in advance!
  7. T

    Confused about Smoking temperature for Turkey

    This is my first post, and just bought a WSM 18.5 last Friday. I had great Success on my first try with my Pork Butt Sunday, and want to do our 14 lb turkey for thanksgiving. I read on this board that the temp should be at 325-350 for approx. 2.5-3 hours until at 165 degrees. On another no...
  8. J

    Incorrect Pit Probe Temperature?

    Situation: Heatermeter pit probe reading = 225°F BGE pit thermometer reading = 165°F Approximately 60°F off. Configuration: Preset=TX-1001X-OP Resist=10000 Offset=0 I have the ThermoWorks TX-1003X-AP (thermistor). Questions: Is having a 60°F offset reasonable for the configuration? Should I do...
  9. D

    Maverick ET733 alert blinking

    I just bought a Maverick ET733, and connected the two probes. The receiver is working (both registering the same ambient temp). My question is about the alert. If I press the ((*)) button at the lower left one time, that symbol ((*)) appears in both probe windows on the right hand side...
  10. B

    TipTopTemp - Anyone Who Has Ever Used it?

    Hey guys...I'm new to this forum! :) I have a question for y'all: Do you guys know the Tiptoptemp? (http://tiptoptemp.com) I stumbled on the website a few days ago... It looks useful but does it work properly? Thanks!
  11. T

    Knob setting and temperature.

    Hi Guys, Anyone know of a table that establishes temp based on various combinations of knob settings for a Spirit 3 burner? For example what knob settings for a 350 degree box? Perhaps 1 burner set at 100% and a second at 25%, OR 2 set at 75% , etc. I know that ambient temp and how many zones...
  12. A

    Extremely cold temperatures

    Hi, I live in Winnipeg, Canada... Winter is comming and I wonder what the limits of operation are for the HM?... I think that -10C (15F) is something reasonable for many electronics but, unfortunately, there are colder days comming during December and Jannuary and I don't want to give up BBQing...
  13. J

    What temperature does your Mini WSM prefer to settle at and a few other questions.

    I first want to thank everybody that contributes to the TVWBB forums especially the Mini WSM subforum. The information shared here is invaluable and has helped me immensely in the success of my cooks. I wanted to ask at what temp does your Mini WSM prefer to settle at or what is a range that...
  14. A

    Ribs Cooked Quickly? Will They Overcook?

    Smoking some beef short ribs on my WSM 14,5" (with a candy thermometer in grommet). Lid temp around 235°F, middle temp around 225°F(107°C), for three hours so far. After two hours, instant read in meat indicated close to 170°F(74°C). An hour later, poked everywhere and the lowest temp was over...
  15. R Malin

    Greetings from SoCal!

    Finally checking in after buying my WSM 22.5" for a Christmas present to myself. I've been futzing around with a smoker box on my Weber Genesis but finally gave in and joined the big boys with my WSM purchase. I've been trying to build up a repertoire to honor my Texas roots which includes...
  16. B

    Nomex Gasket Mod and Temp Control

    I am doing my first cook since making a couple of mods for my 22.5" WSM (Nomex gasket and grommet mods). Two 7-ish lb. pork butts on since about 8:00 this morning. I know there are lots of variables that deal with temp control (outside temp, humidity, type of charcoal, wind, etc.) and am...