Barrel Clamps Mod for WSM 14.5"


Dallin Goodman

New member
I recently picked up a 14.5 WSM after owning an 18.5 for a couple of years. One of my favorite mods on the 18.5 were the cylinder locks from Cajun Bandit, which prevent the smoker from falling over and make it easier to transport. I especially liked the Cajun Bandit locks because the can be installed without drilling any new holes and potentially chipping the porcelain enamel, so I was disappointed to see that they didn't make a similar product for the 14.5.

Every mod I could find required drilling holes in the barrel to attach the clamp, but then I found a product very similar to the Cajun Bandit clamps called a "T-Track Mini Hold-Down Clamp". I'm pretty sure these are used for woodworking, but I ordered a few and they work like a charm for barrel clamps. And the best part, I didn't have to put any new holes in my smoker! They fit perfect in the already exiting holes that the legs attach into. I found that the 3 - 5/8" hold down clamp was the perfect size for the 14.5 WSM but I did have to buy a longer bolt. All told It cost about $30 for the three clamps and new hardware.

I can only recommend this for the 14.5 and I would still use the Cajun Bandit clamps for the 18.5 and the 22. But the 14.5 is small and light enough that I have had no issues with these.