1. D

    Barrel Clamps Mod for WSM 14.5"

    I recently picked up a 14.5 WSM after owning an 18.5 for a couple of years. One of my favorite mods on the 18.5 were the cylinder locks from Cajun Bandit, which prevent the smoker from falling over and make it easier to transport. I especially liked the Cajun Bandit locks because the can be...
  2. B

    14.5 burning too hot

    Got a well seasoned 14.5” wsm I’ve been smoking faithfully on for 2 years. It always stays in the sweet spot 225-250 more or less. Very happy. But the last 4 sessions have seen very high temps that I can’t understand. 275 and up range. I use Kingsford blue bag charcoal, foiled water pan full of...
  3. A

    Full Packer Brisket on 14.5 WSM

    Hello everyone! I had been thinking about how to do a full-packer brisket on my 14.5 WSM for some time. Here's how I ended up doing it: First - meet my custom "brisket bar". I made this from a simple length of 2" x 1/8" steel flat bar. I used a grinder to cut two notches on the ends that...
  4. M

    Nubbie Smoker

    Just starting my very first 14.5 some with pork tenderloin. They are marinating in a sweet Caribbean jerk sauce. Any tips? Do I use the water pan with water? There seems to be various thoughts on this. Thanks.
  5. JJackson

    WSM Pre-Purchase Questions

    I’m one of the many trying to decide which WSM to buy. I’ve read some threads on a few different forums. 95% of the stuff I see is “go big go big always go big go big” or “build a UDS”. So, I’m currently leaning towards a 22.5”. Is there a heat-retention issue on the 22.5” WSM? I’ve seen some...
  6. Michael C.

    Wings on the 14.5 WSM

    My local store has a good selection of marinated wings on sale, I grab a hand full of several flavors. I ended up with Savory Sweet Chili, Spicy Mango and Seasoned Hot wings. On the smoker with Apple wood, vents kept it at 250F, no water just foil on the water pan. 40-45 minutes, later, they...
  7. Michael C.

    My new 14.5" WSM Smoker!!! $99 deal too!

    Just like others have posted, I checked my local Walmart and found the Weber 14.5" smoker marked down on clearance for $99 bucks! There were 2 left, I grabbed one right away! I've own my Weber 18" WSM for 10 yrs now, I know how to use it. I was excited to give this little guy a run tonight! Easy...
  8. P

    WSM 14.5 and the snake

    Hi I cooked a pork butt on my WSM 14.5 yesterday and tried using the snake method. The top vent was always fully opened, the water pan was half filled with boiling water, and the bottom vents were half open. All started well, 225 on the nose, but temperatures started to drop and so I opened...
  9. Rob M

    WSM 14.5 Has Joined The Family

    My local Ace hardware guy called and his shipment of 14.5 WSM's arrived yesterday. I picked Jr. up in the afternoon and brought him home for assembly. I have attached a few photos of how it was packed and what is included. It is smaller than expected but just perfect for 2 people cooks since it...
  10. Dwain Pannell

    My first "cook" on the 14.5" WSM

    I know everyone says seasoning is not required on the WSM series cookers. However, I also know that a well seasoned pit runs cooler than a new pit so I wanted to help get there sooner by smoking some fatty meats to "season" the insides of the new cooker. Combine my love for smoked breakfast...
  11. J

    WSM 14.5" vs. 18.5"?

    Considering my first WSM and its just the wife and I so I'm not sure if the 18.5" is over kill. This will be my first smoker, I tired the "amazingtube" smoker with little success, could never keep the pellets lit in my Genesis gas grill once the lid was closed! So, since its just the two of us...