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Mike B in NC

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Just starting my very first 14.5 some with pork tenderloin. They are marinating in a sweet Caribbean jerk sauce. Any tips? Do I use the water pan with water? There seems to be various thoughts on this. Thanks.
Hello Mike...

welcome to the group... I typically smoke pork butts and brisket and on occasion a chicken or turkey... I also use a 14.5 and a home made mini wsm... I habe done the water pan and i have done sand in the water pan... I personally have found my niche and now prefer water in the pan... this makes the temperature much easier to control for low and slow cooks... I have also had many successful cooks without it and these little marvels hold temp very well either way... The more i smoke, the more I lean towards using the pan... there are various thoughts on this so i recommend finding out through trial... what you prefer is best...

again, welcome to the group... we would like to see the pics of your cooked food...
Hi neighbor! Welcome to the addiction! I would suggest running the WSM with the water pan on your first several cooks, just to get a feel of how the smoker works and operates. After that, try wrapping the water pan in foil (top and bottom of the water pan, no sand added) and see how much longer your charcoal will last. Ultimately, it's whichever way you feel more comfortable with. I like no water, Dave likes it with the water in the pan..there is no right or wrong way. Good luck, any questions, feel free to ask, this site is slammed full of great people that only want to help make each other make better BBQ!
Welcome to the forum Mike. As has been stated, there are many here that can help you make better Q. This is a friendly place. Best forum I have been involved in. Don't forget, we love pics here.