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  1. Grant Cunningham

    Brisket "secret": mustard and pickle juice?

    I've read, in more than one discussion, that one of the "secrets" supposedly used by brisket maestros in Texas is to slather the meat with a thin coating of mustard and pickle juice, then apply the rub (the exact ingredients being open to speculation.) But in all the discussions I've seen, no...
  2. MMosher

    A few great cooks w/ Ceramic briquettes

    Just want to describe a new method I used over the past few days on my 22" WSM. I'll start by describing the setup: I lined the water pan with about 35 of these ceramic briquettes I picked up on Amazon then placed foil over top to avoid as much cleaning as possible. I also have a Cajun Bandit...
  3. M

    Keeping Brisket warm

    I normally finish my Packer briskets (14-20lbs) a few hours before my party. When it hits temp and probes like butter, I take it off the smoker, unwrap the butcher paper, and let it cool for about 5-10 minutes. Then I wrap it back up and put it in a small cooler, topped with a couple of old...
  4. D

    Packer brisket on Weber kettle advice

    Hi all, I’m going to cook my first Packer brisket on my 22” Weber Kettle this weekend. I got the smallest packer available at Costco - 11+ lbs. I’m looking for some advice on positioning and cook method -I’m thinking of going fat side down. Since the brisket will take up a lot of grill space...
  5. G

    Great party Great food

    Well folks I did it. BBQ for 60+ people in my backyard. It was a great party and the food was great. it was a challenge but it was worth it. 4 briskets 4 pork butts and over 100 chicken drumsticks! The plan was to eat at 6 pm so I got started at 2 am. Get the charcoal ready, trim and season...
  6. J Grotz

    First Brisket in many years

    Other than spares a couple times a year, my WSM has stood neglected for far too long. But like the shingles, the bbq bug resurfaced after being dormant for years. (Be sure to get the new vax, boys and girls of a certain age.) My wife gifted me one of Harry Soo's classes. His enthusiasm is...
  7. Fritz

    For those who have smoked a brisket on a 18 WSM.....

    How many pounds before trimming will fit? Did you inject? With what? How much charcoal were you able to fit in the ring? (I'll be using Kingsford Blue) And what/how much wood did you use? Any after market charcoal rings or hacks to enlarge capacity? How long did it last before replenishing...
  8. S

    High Heat Brisket in Weber Kettle, Snake Method

    We hosted a Derby Party this year, and I wanted to serve Brisket, and knew I would have a full day prepping for the party. So, I decided to cook a brisket on Friday, and reheat for party. Was iffy about cooking a day ahead, but pretty happy with how it turned out. Had done last brisket on...
  9. G

    How many is too many

    Big cook coming up. Right now the plan is to try to do 4 briskets at once. How many briskets have you cooked at the same time on a WSM22.5? Where there any hiccups?
  10. G

    Party food

    Our family is planning a large celebration for my wife in a few months. My kids all want to impress our guests with some BBQ goodness. We have 50+ on the list right now. I have a WSM 22 and two 22.5 kettles. I was thinking 4 briskets and 2 butts, then hamburgers and sausages on the gaser later...
  11. M Craw

    Brisket Newb - Teach Me Brisket 101

    I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere, and if so, please point me in the right direction, but I'm wanting to smoke my very first brisket tomorrow (morning?) and make some KC-style burnt ends, and I've never done either. I've done plenty of reading and watching videos, but I still have a...
  12. T

    Brisket Juicy At Slice Then Dried Out!

    Just finished my first auto-temp controlled Brisket smoke on my WSM 22. Very happy with the results initially--beautiful bark, moist and fatty point end and first flat slices. ... My problem developed as the served, sliced brisket sat at table. Our first forkfuls were luscious....But we enjoyed...
  13. A

    Need advice on smoking a small brisket flat

    It's just me and the missus tomorrow. Found a nice looking 4.4 lbs brisket flat at Costco that I plan to put on the WSM tomorrow. Any advice on how to approach this would be appreciated. Planning to go Texas style with only salt/pepper (perhaps a little garlic). The piece is relatively thin.
  14. J

    Brisket, Butts & Bragging Rights - Help!

    Hey Guys! My daughter's school is hosting it's first annual Cook Off next week, and they have some some rules that are taking me out of my comfort zone, and I was hoping I could get some advice on over coming the challenges. Here goes: I'm cooking on an 18 WSM. I'm a Texan in TN and ALWAYS...
  15. R

    Hello from Suffolk, England

    Hello to All I’ve had my Smokey Mountain 18 1/2” for ten years. It’s always stood outside with a cover and still looks great! Thanks to this excellent resource, I have upgraded it to modern standards with: wheels; lid hinge; thermometer holes; lid thermometer; lifting handles and high temp...
  16. M

    Shooting for that LOOOONG Smoke!

    First time caller, long time listener. Thanks much for all the advice on this board. Been very helpful and my family appreciates the fantastic food that has come out of the recommendations here. I have a WSM 22.5. Got it for Father’s Day in June and I’ve used it about 15 times now. I love...
  17. B

    Smoking multiple brisket in WSM

    Hello, I have a 22" wsm, and I am needing to cook 2 15lb briskets for a party soon. Will the briskets cook fine stacked side by side or should I lay them flat one on the top and one on the bottom? Thank you, Just wanted to get some input on this to see if there might be a better way to do this...
  18. Scott Shimano

    CBBQA BBQ 102 Class - September 9 (Orange, CA)

    The California Barbeque Association (CBBQA) is presenting our next class on Saturday, September 9 at the Woodshed in Orange, CA (adjacent to Anaheim). During this 7-hour class, students will learn advanced recipes and techniques from some of the best, award-winning pit masters from the CBBQA...
  19. A

    Full Packer Brisket on 14.5 WSM

    Hello everyone! I had been thinking about how to do a full-packer brisket on my 14.5 WSM for some time. Here's how I ended up doing it: First - meet my custom "brisket bar". I made this from a simple length of 2" x 1/8" steel flat bar. I used a grinder to cut two notches on the ends that...
  20. G

    A little Mother's Day brisket

    Because I love her