High Heat Brisket in Weber Kettle, Snake Method


Scot H

New member
We hosted a Derby Party this year, and I wanted to serve Brisket, and knew I would have a full day prepping for the party. So, I decided to cook a brisket on Friday, and reheat for party. Was iffy about cooking a day ahead, but pretty happy with how it turned out.

Had done last brisket on WSM, but wanted to try it on my kettle after reading an article.

Arranged briquettes 2 wide and 2 high around the outer edge, leaving gap in center (I think 58 briquettes). Placed apple wood chunks every 4-5 inches.


Lit @ 20 briquettes in chimney, added 12 to end of the snake, only touching one end of the snake.


I already had temp probes inserted in the brisket, and added one to the grill to get cooking temp.


I followed the instructions to leave the lid intact, all vents open, and sort of ignore it until internal temp hit 170, which it did in just under 4 hours.


Pulled and foiled at this point. Added to the briquettes at this point, starting at the unlit end, and continuing around the grill, over the burnt ashes of the starting area.

Internal temp hit 205 in another 95 minutes. Pulled and rested in cooler for a couple of hours. Refrigerated overnight.

On Saturday, I pulled from refrigerator and sliced while cold. Added to large crock pot with a small amount of apple juice and beer. Warmed on low for @ 4 hours. Served with slider buns and lots of other things as well.

Maybe not quite as tasty as slow, day of cook, but very easy and pretty happy with results!