1. MichaelLC

    FS: Weber 22" Premium Kettle, Green + Stuff (Chicago burbs)

    Selling my green Premium Kettle with some upgrades, thinking $125 but open to reasonable offers. Chicago suburbs, near Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights. Great shape, clean with a good seasoning throughout. Hand-assembled in the USA. Includes: Weber Original Kettle Premium...
  2. Bruce McClure

    My first low and slow smoke.

    I'm getting a little braver! The Bride ™️ and I have been watching a ton of videos (thanks to everyone for the encouragement and recommendations) and found a couple of YouTube channels we like. BBQ Pit Boys. These guys have been on YT forever and they have some pretty neat recipes (and some...
  3. P

    Thermometer installation for 22” kettle

    I’ve got a 2010 kettle bought brand new in 2010. It didn’t have a dome thermo but years later I’ve decided I’d like to throw one on. I’ve got a nice Tel-tru 2” dial with 2.13” stem coming today in the mail. Where’s the most useful place to install this? I’ve seen some guys drill out bolt in the...
  4. Joe Anshien

    Is it proper or OK to swap tops?

    I have a Performer with flip up table and a 22" kettle. I decided to sell the kettle but the kettle has a nicer lid with almost no fade. My performer has fade. I am thinking of selling the kettle with the performer lid. There are 2 things: 1 is the date codes will not be correct any more, 2...
  5. Dwain Pannell

    Tri Tip Sous Vide

    I haven’t posted a cook in quite a while. I decided to hot tub a Tri Tip at 135*F for 5 hrs then sear it off/ get some smoke on it on the kettle via a mesquite/charcoal fire. Used Cajun Shake in the bath then hit it with Montreal Steak Seasoning for the sear/smoke. Served simply with...
  6. Scott Lester

    2015 Performer Find

    New to the site, but not forums. I am excited to join here! I'm a new Weber addict, purchased an Original kettle over the summer. That ignited the fever. After seeing post after post in FB of the Performers, I became envy of them and had to have one, but no way I was paying $450 for one. I...
  7. Bill Hall

    Weber Kettle Premium Lid Holder

    I noticed when I utilize the lid holder that is welded to the underside of the lid, the rim of the lid scrapes up against the aluminum legs. Anyone not use the lid holder because of this? I understand its an outdoor grill but I like to keep my kettles and cookers looking nice. I've been just...
  8. Bill Hall

    Thinking about a Weber Kettle 26er

    I've been thinking about getting a 26er lately and wanted some insight. I already have a WSM 18 and a 22 inch Kettle. I wanted something to cook larger portions for the few times a year I cook for 6-8 people. I would be cooking things like turkeys, ribs, wings, and random bone-in chicken pieces...
  9. D

    Packer brisket on Weber kettle advice

    Hi all, I’m going to cook my first Packer brisket on my 22” Weber Kettle this weekend. I got the smallest packer available at Costco - 11+ lbs. I’m looking for some advice on positioning and cook method -I’m thinking of going fat side down. Since the brisket will take up a lot of grill space...
  10. G

    Great party Great food

    Well folks I did it. BBQ for 60+ people in my backyard. It was a great party and the food was great. it was a challenge but it was worth it. 4 briskets 4 pork butts and over 100 chicken drumsticks! The plan was to eat at 6 pm so I got started at 2 am. Get the charcoal ready, trim and season...
  11. S

    High Heat Brisket in Weber Kettle, Snake Method

    We hosted a Derby Party this year, and I wanted to serve Brisket, and knew I would have a full day prepping for the party. So, I decided to cook a brisket on Friday, and reheat for party. Was iffy about cooking a day ahead, but pretty happy with how it turned out. Had done last brisket on...
  12. M Craw

    Thighs on the Kettle w/ Vortex

    I had never done thighs on the Vortex before... Looks like I'll never be doing them any other way again. Enjoy! We sure did. :cool:
  13. G

    Need some expertise on a thermometer.

    Just smoked a "picnic shoulder" and loved it ( first time ever smoking). I started around kick off, and didnt end till about the 3rd qtr of the Sunday night game. Top vent was at about 1/4 open, Bottom was about the same (kettle 22.5"). The standard gauge was reading 280-300*, I may or may not...
  14. A

    Hi from NC

    Hi everyone. I just moved to the Raleigh, North Carolina area a year ago. I lived in Wisconsin and Indiana previously. I upgraded my grilling to a Weber Kettle about 4-5 years ago. I started to get into smoking a few months ago. I got some pretty good smokes out of the kettle, but just picked...
  15. Rob B.

    Two-tone Blue WSM for Trade

    I have the porcelain 2 tone Blue WSM that Chris Allingham created back in 2004. You can see current pics and read about it’s history on my website. It probably has between 10-15 cooks on it. I used it twice in competitions in GA. I am looking to trade it for one or more old kettles, depending on...
  16. Dan C. FL

    Hello from the Florida Panhandle!

    Good Afternoon, All! I grew up in a household that has had a Weber Kettle for as long as I can remember, and I know that there was one in the house long before I was. When I moved back to Florida in 2004, my first purchase was my 18.5" kettle. When my wife learned that I could do things like...
  17. R

    I'm such a nerd...can't wait to get started

    *UPATE, the grill rehab is complete. I''m having some issues with photo uploads. Currently working on the pics and hope to have them up soon. My day started at this thread over hear Thought I would follow it up here...
  18. M

    GrillGrate + Kettle

    First week on the forum, beginner-intermediate level griller (Genesis Gold, Genesis E-310 Special Edition, Performer Platinum x 2, Smokey Mountain). Received GrillGrates yesterday for the kettle and would appreciate any advice. When preparing steak or chicken, I usually use the BBQ system...
  19. ChadRex

    1980's HappyCooker - (Kenmore branded)

    Hello grillmates- I know there are other topics on this HappyCooker, as promised i am uploading photos. The story behind this Happy Cooker.. This one was my Fathers, He bought it from Sears in 1984/85 and he thought for sure at the time that it was a Weber re-branded as a Kenmore for exclusive...
  20. M

    Weber One Touch vs performer

    Weber Master Touch vs performer silver Is the small side table and cart worth the extra $100 or am I good with the 3 legs and use the $100 toward accessories?