Thermometer installation for 22” kettle


P Jordan

New member
I’ve got a 2010 kettle bought brand new in 2010. It didn’t have a dome thermo but years later I’ve decided I’d like to throw one on. I’ve got a nice Tel-tru 2” dial with 2.13” stem coming today in the mail. Where’s the most useful place to install this? I’ve seen some guys drill out bolt in the daisy wheel and put it there, some guys just set it in one of the daisy wheel holes, others mount it beside the daisy wheel or halfway between the daisy wheel and the edge of the lid. I’m kinda leaning towards the latter. Any thoughts? I already own a Thermoworks smoke dual input digital thermo with the grill grate clip so I can always go that route but I’m really just shooting for what’s the average temp inside the kettle.
If I had a lid without a thermometer, I'd add it just below the vent.
Whenever I grill I have charcoal on 1 side and typically I care most about what the temp is on the indirect / food side of the grill. And I keep the vent side of the lid above the food, opposite the charcoal.

The built-in thermometers are very useful, IMO. For most cooks I do not bother breaking out the electronic thermometers to monitor the temp on actual cooking grate.
After you get it installed and do some cooks, you'll learn that the lid mounted therm is + or - X degrees from the actual temp at cooking grate level and can use that as an estimate for future cooks.