1. BenM

    Looking to add a bigger & better thermometer for my WSM 18"

    Even though it seems pretty accurate, I am looking for a larger one that I can see from my deck. I heard good things about this one... I also want to add a hinge as well. Being a total newbie to the WSM, any advice & suggestions would be...
  2. Mike_S

    Favorite dual probe wireless thermometer for WSM?

    I am looking for something that can attach easily without being destroyed by the head of the cooker. Right now mine hooks onto the charcoal door handle. It is not the most practical.
  3. P

    Thermometer installation for 22” kettle

    I’ve got a 2010 kettle bought brand new in 2010. It didn’t have a dome thermo but years later I’ve decided I’d like to throw one on. I’ve got a nice Tel-tru 2” dial with 2.13” stem coming today in the mail. Where’s the most useful place to install this? I’ve seen some guys drill out bolt in the...
  4. F

    igrill 2 probe wires heat resistance

    Hi, I've just bought an igrill 2 and an ambient probe. I have a 47cm wsm with a rubber grommet in the side for putting thermometer probes through. In the igrill2 manual it says not to let any of the probe or its wires touch the grill. Given the top grill is above the grommet I don't see how...
  5. Kristof Jozsa

    Grill grate thermometers

    After reading (admittedly) too many articles at, I'm thinking of picking up a cheap leave-in grill grate thermometer to understand more what's happening inside my kettle. Searching on eBay for "grill surface thermometer" I found a couple of candidates but double checking them on...
  6. D

    Maverick ET-733 - a quick setup

    As much as I like the Mav 733, I don't find the setup particularly intuitive and the instruction booklet could be clearer. I wrote out this guide for others who may struggle with setting it up. SETTING UP MAVERICK ET-733 (DUAL PROBE REMOTE THERMOMETER) Hint 1: Use an indelible marker and...
  7. F

    Rotisserie Thermometers recommendations ?

    Looking to see if anyone has recommendations for remote thermometers for a rotisserie. I tried the Maverick-ET-75 (the only one i know of specifically for rotisseries ), Unfortunately, the probe is only rated for....get this...410 degrees. They do offer a hight heat probe, but its not...
  8. F


    does anyone have this product? if so, how is your range? as it bluetooth i can only get about a 30' range with no obstructions even though they say it has a 150" range in Bluetooth (i though Bluetooh only had a range of about 30-50' -...
  9. TMerriam

    Wireless Thermometers for WSM

    Reading through a lot of the posts here, it seems that most use the Maverick 732 or 733. Has anyone used the Weber 6741? I am a Weber guy, through and through, so I am leaning towards this new thermometer since it is the same price as a Maverick. Just curious if anyone has had success or failure...
  10. J

    Thermometer Question

    Question for you experts out there. I am a new WSM owner, finally picked up my first WSM a 22.5 model. Everything I have read says i need a good Thermometer. A friend of mine has a Big Green Egg Dual Wireless Remote Thermometer he has never used. I looked it up and it looks like it actually...
  11. J

    Thanksgiving Trial Run

    Good afternoon from Nashville! It was in the 40's and breezy this weekend, so I decided it would be a great day to give the WSM a trial run with my first Turkey Breast. I found it challenging to get the smoker at or above 325 consistently, but it did settle down at 300 for 3 hours with 4...