Looking to add a bigger & better thermometer for my WSM 18"

I'm all about the Tel-Tru thermometers. You can't go wrong with their BQ-300 with 3" dial and 2.5" or 4" stem. Used to be $45, but higher these days.

You don't need the silicone adhesive that Amazon suggests, that's an algorithm error, but you can buy the $12 installation kit or go to the hardware store and buy the washer and electrical lock nut shown in my article below for less $$$ and you'll get the same result.

As for the hinge, the Unknown BBQ hinge is the gold standard, methinks.

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If you need some place to set your lid when it is off, a shepherd's hook work quite well. Just a thought.
I have a Teltru on my WSM , and my Masterbuilt GF , and my Franklin offset.

But they never agree with my Thermoworks digital. On the WSM the Teltru always runs around 20* lower than my digital. On the Masterbuilt it runs higher as it does on the Franklin. And on the Franklin, I place the digital probe within 2" of the Teltru probe.

And because the analog gauge will react much much slower than the digital, managing your fire is different. Managing with the digital, its real easy to over react, especially on the offset.

The drawback to the digital probe on the WSM is it takes up space on the top cooking grate and its really hard to get it placed away from the meat.
Hinge is awesome, game changer. I have one on my 18 and my 22. As far as the thermometer, I never use the stock one in either of my WSMs. I use a digital one with a probe. Maverick XR-50 to be exact. The ones in the lid are too slow to react in my opinion, and not always in the best of locations. The digital also gives me the meat probes as well.
Get one you can read on your phone...... Or at least remotely like a Maverick.
There's no substitute when lying in bed, on a cold rainy night, and you've got something cooking outside