1. BenM

    Looking to add a bigger & better thermometer for my WSM 18"

    Even though it seems pretty accurate, I am looking for a larger one that I can see from my deck. I heard good things about this one... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001P9J3GM/?tag=tvwb-20 I also want to add a hinge as well. Being a total newbie to the WSM, any advice & suggestions would be...
  2. D

    WSM upgrades- Heeere's Johnny!!!

    Worked on my upgrades for 3 weeks. All painted parts were painted with DupliColor ceramic black paint to match the original finish as closely as possible. Upgraded the charcoal grate by adding another grate to the existing and strapping it with stainless steel zip ties which will withstand...
  3. K

    Hinge kit with BBQ Guru Silcone Cover on a 22.5...any issues?

    Hinge kit with BBQ Guru Silcone Insulated Jacket on a 22.5...any issues? I'm getting a new 22.5 WSM after my old one was ripped off. I'm wanting to add a lid hinge but am wondering if it will work with the BBQ guru silicone insulated jacket that I may want to use now that I will be cooking out...