Thanksgiving Trial Run


Jim M

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Good afternoon from Nashville!

It was in the 40's and breezy this weekend, so I decided it would be a great day to give the WSM a trial run with my first Turkey Breast. I found it challenging to get the smoker at or above 325 consistently, but it did settle down at 300 for 3 hours with 4 chunks of Cherry wood. This was the 1st time I have not gone low and slow in the WSM. I used Tony Chachere's on of them and Dizzy Dust on the other.

Some learning lessons:
  • 1 Turkey was 1/2 Lb larger than the other came out perfect at 160, and the smaller one (I consider overcooked by taste) was 165. 5 degrees made all the difference in the world when it came to dryness.
  • I need a remote thermometer
  • The ladies liked Tony's and the guys liked the Dizzy Dust better.

Here are some pics:

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Jim that looks delicious. ... I'm need to do a practice run again before thanksgiving.
Looks great! But, hey, what's the dollar bill doing there in the "seasoned" pic? Was there a bet going down?
Jim the birds look awesome!! Ok where's the rest? Seems we are missing some pictures? No stuffing,taters,...come on your holding out on us!!!i just know it!
Looks like Dolly has some competition, dem dares sumpretty biguns:p bet those taste better:D What Dale said, what's wit da money?:confused:
Nice pair! You might want to mess around with the door and give it a slightly sloppy fit to get higher temps. I have to do that to get to 325-350.