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  • Tony, thanks so much for reply on the recipe. Guess I could have tried doing a search, haha. I will be doing the beans soon, so easy!
    I have had a S310 since 2008 before I knew of CL so I paid way more than you but I still love this grill it cooks with even heat heats fast no flare ups .
    You and your family should love this grill for a long time. On your first post I told you how to correct the corrision issue. Mine sits out year around rain, snow, under a cover is all.
    That's awesome Tony! With all the yakitori posts recently I've gotta get back in the groove and do some myself again soon....:)
    Tony, I received the Chef Merito. Wow! I sure appreciate it. I saw some flapmeat today and now I need to run back up there to get it.

    I need to find something truly local to return the gesture to you. Thank You!
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