1. BenM

    Hinge Suggestions?

    Good morning all Suggestions for a hinge for my 18" WSM? Thanks
  2. K

    Turkey & Rib Roast 22 inch WSM

    Hi everyone, I've been loving my new 22 inch WSM. Planning to do a 12-14 pound Turkey and a 3 bone beef rib roast for Thanksgiving. I think I'm ok with time and temp but have included my thoughts for feedback. Really interested in placement within the WSM. Should the Turkey or the beef end...
  3. Matt Q

    Substitute for butter on turkey

    Hi everyone, I am planning on making my first turkey this year in my smokefire. Most recipes and guides suggest rubbing butter on turkey and/or injecting with butter. However, my son is allergic to dairy and I am looking for a substitute. Thanks for your help!
  4. Dave Z

    Turkey "Crowns" on WSM?

    Anyone have any experience if doing Turkey Crowns (just the breasts) on a WSM? SOmething you can buy here in the UK. Not sure if they are sold in the USA and/or called something else? At a minimum - is there a rule of thumb for time per pound for poultry?
  5. Chris W.

    Turkey cook time at 225-250

    Next Saturday, I'm hosting a whiskey tasting party for 8 friends (10 people total including myself and my wife) and a smoked turkey will be the main meat. I'm planning on everyone showing up around 2:00 and doing the actual tasting between 3:00 and 4:00 or 4:30 (however long it takes to do it...
  6. T

    First Turkey Questions

    Hey All, Trying to figure out a few things for Thursday. This was a last minute decision and figured while we have a Bird in the Rotisserie we are going to throw one on the WSM as well. Any help would be appreciated here. 1. Low and Slow or High and Fast. I have read several articles...
  7. A

    First turkey on a 14.5"

    Hi everyone! First off, just wanna say how excited I am to have found this place! Second, I'm doing a turkey for a friendsgiving, which will be my first smoked turkey and 3rd cook on my WSM. It's gonna be a 10-12 pound turkey (I'm leaning towrds 10, but I'm picking it up from whole foods so it...
  8. RDOwens

    Zero Carb Turkey

    Normally, I use the apple-brine turkey recipe Chris lists in the recipes section. Since last "turkey season", I have adopted a zero carb lifestyle. Things have gone well on that front. Haven't done turkey during this period. Now thinking about how to go about this, I am wondering if anyone has...
  9. R

    Help needed on smoked turkeys

    Am smoking two 13lb turkeys tomorrow. Could not get a larger bird (fresh). I have the WSM 22" smoker. Thought was to try and smoke both on top grill, if they fit, with lower grill holding a pan to catch drippings for gravy. Also, think (not sure) that temp will be similar by having both...
  10. Michael C.

    Rosemary Brined Turkey

    I bought an el cheapo turkey at Walmart for $.89 lb. I decided to brine it with a brine package from Fire and flavor. The brine mix had a boat load of rosemary with lots of peppercorns too. It smelled great. Brined over night, rinsed, then air dried overnight. Day of smoking, mother nature had...
  11. Michael C.

    Mini turkey breast on the mini me WSM 14.5" smoker

    I saw a very small Foster Farms turkey breast that weighed only 3.47 lbs, priced around $7 bucks at Albertsons. I said what the heck, bought it, and smoked in on my Mini Me Weber 14.5" smoker. I really enjoy the Weber 14.5" smoker, I used it a Lot! Seasoned with Chicken Kickin' rub, 4 good size...
  12. Michael C.

    Turkey on the WSM 14.5" smoker Guava smoked

    I bought a turkey around 11 lbs and smoked it on the 14.5" smoker using Guava wood from Hawaii. The turkey barely fit on the top grate. It was very chilly outside, I ran it with all vents open no water in the pan. It took roughly 3hrs to get the bird up to 165F, then rested loosely with foil...
  13. Michael C.

    Guava smoked Butterball turkey

    I thawed out one of my Butterball turkeys, and smoked it using my Guava wood that I bought online from Hawaii. The bird was about 14.5 lbs, smoker ran at 250F solid, no water in pan. It took 3hrs for the breast meat to come up to 165F. I let the bird rest under foil for about 35-40 minutes...
  14. Michael C.

    Oster Smoker Turkey Breast

    I bought a small turkey breast at the store today, and was wondering how I was going to cook it. I felt lazy when I got home and decided to break out my Oster roaster Smoker. I filled it with some fruit wood chips, added 2 cups of water to the bottom, seasoned with Weber Cajun chicken, set the...
  15. Michael C.

    Easter Smoked Turkey Breast

    Hi Everybody! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I enjoy seeing your cooks here! This is my Easter Smoked Turkey Breast. I got to try out my Guava wood, it was very tasty! The smoke was light, but smelled great! It gave the turkey a nice sweet hint of smoke taste to it. The turkey breast...
  16. Michael C.

    Indoor Roaster/Smoker Butterball Turkry 1st run!

    I stumbled on this roaster/smoker on Amazon few weeks ago, read a lot of great reviews, saying it works really good. I bought it direct from Oster for $35 bucks with free shipping. I've been BBQ for over 20 yrs, and have plenty of Briskets, ribs, etc under my belt, but with El Nino hitting...
  17. Steve_Williams

    My Thanksgiving - Tried Two Ways to Cook - Results - Tie

    Hi all, I tried smoking one bird and rotisserie cooking the other. Set up and prepped the birds the day before. Used S/P, Garlic and better under and over the skin on two Butterball enhanced turkeys. Started both around the same time. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] Used Apple wood...
  18. Brian (Mass.)

    Dueling Birds...Two turkey house, one regular ove and one smoked!

    We had a fantastic turkey day! We had 16 people over today and decided to do 2 birds, both about 14lbs. We bought them pre-ordered, never frozen. We did one in the over with EVOO and rosemary, sage and thyme. I did the smoked bird using the weber recipe of sage, thyme and butter under the skin...
  19. T

    Confused about Smoking temperature for Turkey

    This is my first post, and just bought a WSM 18.5 last Friday. I had great Success on my first try with my Pork Butt Sunday, and want to do our 14 lb turkey for thanksgiving. I read on this board that the temp should be at 325-350 for approx. 2.5-3 hours until at 165 degrees. On another no...
  20. P

    Rubbery Skin

    We have decided to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving - in preparation last night I did a test smoke with at 12+ turkey. Smoked at around 240 for 4 hours with apple wood The meat is great but the skin is rubbery - Should I expect this or is there an alternative