Easter Smoked Turkey Breast


Michael C.

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Hi Everybody!
I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I enjoy seeing your cooks here! This is my Easter Smoked Turkey Breast. I got to try out my Guava wood, it was very tasty! The smoke was light, but smelled great! It gave the turkey a nice sweet hint of smoke taste to it. The turkey breast was tender and moist. Overall, I was very happy with the cook. The Turkey took about 1 1/2hr to 165f, rested 1/2 hr covered in foil, then slice. Here are the photos :).


Water in pan and with Guava wood chunks.

Bird on the grill.

1hr mark, looks great!

It's done, time to rest, then slice.

Sliced, time to eat :).
Very nice, Michael!

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