turkey breast

  1. BenM

    Turkey Breast - need some help

    I picked up a 5-pound boneless turkey breast. Having never smoked one before, I need some advice. I am pretty good on smoking whole chickens, but this is new to me. Do I need to brine it like a chicken? I cook my chickens to 165 degrees; they come out juicy and so moist. Do I use the same...
  2. C

    Two 6.5lb Turkey Breasts on a Rotissirie

    Anyone have a great weight and time recommendation for Preparing and cooking two 6.5lb Turkey Breasts on the Rotissirie? I have a 6 burner BULL BBQ Grill? Thanks! New Member BTW
  3. Dave Z

    Turkey "Crowns" on WSM?

    Anyone have any experience if doing Turkey Crowns (just the breasts) on a WSM? SOmething you can buy here in the UK. Not sure if they are sold in the USA and/or called something else? At a minimum - is there a rule of thumb for time per pound for poultry?
  4. Ryan.M

    1 Turkey 2 Breast - Will It Fit In My WSM ?

    Hey All, I have 1 18 Inch WSM. I have done 2 8 LB Turkey Breast on the top rack before and they turned out great. But i have never done an entire Turkey. I saw a whole Turkey Bone-In instructions, but i have a capacity question. Can i do 1 15lb Turkey Bone-In with 2 8lb Turkey Breast Bone-In...
  5. Michael C.

    Mini turkey breast on the mini me WSM 14.5" smoker

    I saw a very small Foster Farms turkey breast that weighed only 3.47 lbs, priced around $7 bucks at Albertsons. I said what the heck, bought it, and smoked in on my Mini Me Weber 14.5" smoker. I really enjoy the Weber 14.5" smoker, I used it a Lot! Seasoned with Chicken Kickin' rub, 4 good size...
  6. Michael C.

    Oster Smoker Turkey Breast

    I bought a small turkey breast at the store today, and was wondering how I was going to cook it. I felt lazy when I got home and decided to break out my Oster roaster Smoker. I filled it with some fruit wood chips, added 2 cups of water to the bottom, seasoned with Weber Cajun chicken, set the...
  7. Michael C.

    Easter Smoked Turkey Breast

    Hi Everybody! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I enjoy seeing your cooks here! This is my Easter Smoked Turkey Breast. I got to try out my Guava wood, it was very tasty! The smoke was light, but smelled great! It gave the turkey a nice sweet hint of smoke taste to it. The turkey breast...
  8. Michael C.

    Apple smoked Honey Garlic Turkey breast

    I bought a few turkey breast on sale from Target last month, thaw one of them out to smoke this weekend. A fast moving storm moved into our area, dumped a several inches on Friday, but by Saturday morning, the stormed moved out, with some gusty winds, I used my wind break for this cook. I really...
  9. Dwain Pannell

    Turkey Breast x 2

    Tomorrow, we have Thanksgiving in Aug. It's just a way to get the folks together to build the team. Since we can't drink at work, food is the next best way to do that. So, I volunteered to smoke the turkeys. Turkey breasts to be exact. I fired up the chimney with Royal Oak, went with an empty...
  10. D

    Standard Noob- 2 Smokes in- need advice on 2 7# turk breasts.

    Morning and Happy post apocalypse. I have 2- 7# boneless skinless turkey breasts. Plan on brining today for smoking tomorrow. I know I gotta get started on the brine, but have a couple quick questions on the temp and time for the meat. I plan to follow the directions on the link for the...