Turkey "Crowns" on WSM?


Dave Z

New member
Anyone have any experience if doing Turkey Crowns (just the breasts) on a WSM? SOmething you can buy here in the UK. Not sure if they are sold in the USA and/or called something else? At a minimum - is there a rule of thumb for time per pound for poultry?
We have those here in the US. I do bone in breasts and they turn out well. No complaints.
Here's what I do. The breast I get are already 'enhanced' so I skip the brine.
I can't find anything regarding time per weight but mine (5LBS) in less than two hours
already 'enhanced' is another name for meat tumbling. purpose to add salt water weight to a piece of meat. As an example a 12 lb turkey selling at 0.98/lb with 13 % of "enhancement", real cost is $1.13/lb. 13 % salt is bad enough but being cheated on real weight is call thieving.
I like to hang turkey breasts with the expandable cooking rack over an open fire in the WSM (PBC-style). They turn out great!
Thanks folks, doing them today and will post how it goes. Will follow the instructions on TVB...