First Turkey Questions


Tommy V

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Hey All,

Trying to figure out a few things for Thursday. This was a last minute decision and figured while we have a Bird in the Rotisserie we are going to throw one on the WSM as well. Any help would be appreciated here.

1. Low and Slow or High and Fast. I have read several articles supporting both. What time frames am I looking at for both methods? 14.9 lb Butterball up to 8% solution?
2. Rub suggestions ( Know brining is out of the question on a Self basting bird Or so I think)?
3. I'm thinking of going with a wood blend of Cherry, Oak and Mesquite (Kingsford Premium blend) or Should I stick with Apple?

I have smoked several shoulders and Tri tips, but my first Bird.

Appreciate the help all!!!

Happy Smoking!!

Tommy V
Last year I turned my turkey and it turned out great!!! I used apple only, but put a dry brine on the day before and left it uncovered for 24 hours. Was the best. Also since it is outside I get to stay out of the kitchen. Win win. Good luck!
I will probably do my 16# Butterball on the 22" kettle. it depends on the weather.
But I will go in the 325 range with some pecan and alder smoke with a bit of apple. Not too much.
I am also going with an apple juice brine overnight
The rub will be a light touch of the BRITU rub.
This will be my first whole smoked bird, but I've been doing smoked bone-in breasts for a few years. I'm thawing the birds (25lbs for the oven, 14lbs for the smoker) currently in my cooler, changing the water hourly.

The smoker bird will get a dry brine treatment tomorrow around noon. It will be 7tsp kosher salt all over, including under the skin of the breast and legs, if possible and in the cavity. After that, it will take a nap in the garage fridge until Thursday morning, where it will get a very light coat of vegetable oil and the Simon & Garfunkel rub treatment about an hour before going on the smoker.

I'm shooting for 325-350F in my WSM 18 (full chimney, vents open 100%, foil-wrapped empty water pan) and apple chunks until it hits temp. I am hoping for crispy skin and flavorful, juicy meat. I really hope it works...