first time

  1. M Craw

    Brisket Newb - Teach Me Brisket 101

    I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere, and if so, please point me in the right direction, but I'm wanting to smoke my very first brisket tomorrow (morning?) and make some KC-style burnt ends, and I've never done either. I've done plenty of reading and watching videos, but I still have a...
  2. T

    First Turkey Questions

    Hey All, Trying to figure out a few things for Thursday. This was a last minute decision and figured while we have a Bird in the Rotisserie we are going to throw one on the WSM as well. Any help would be appreciated here. 1. Low and Slow or High and Fast. I have read several articles...
  3. S

    FIRST TIME smoking today. Might have some QUESTIONS or need HELP.

    Good morning. I'm writing from Cincinnati, where it's a gray and chilly day (temp in the 30's F), and I'm planning to use the Weber 18.5" smoker my daughter gave me for Christmas for the first time later today. I'm nervous. I'm using a pork shoulder that I trimmed and tied last night, final...
  4. Mark Barton

    First Rib Cook!

    Hey everyone, I purchased a WSM 18.5 a few weeks ago, and started by cooking a few rounds of bacon and sausage to "season" it. Last weekend I cooked two chickens to better learn how the smoker works. This weekend I graduated to Ribs! I made a few mistakes, but the end result was still...
  5. AlexD

    Hello From Vancouver, Wa!

    Hello All, I am new to this forum and new to the Smoker world. I am a new WSM owner, I just purchased the 18.5in last Saturday. Much to my wife's reservations I proudly brought it home and set up that night. Sunday was my first attempt in the world of smoking and I have to say, I was very happy...
  6. A

    Inaugural Cook

    Didn’t realize this was the subforum for galleries. Posted my first one in the “new WSM owner” subforum. Also blogged it. Short version…
  7. A

    Documenting my First Cook (1 of 2)

    Haven’t been using an actual log, but did keep fairly detailed notes and took lots of pictures. Here are some of them, serving as a kind of pictorial documentation of my inaugural cook in a WSM 14.5".
  8. M

    Smoking my first brisket tomorrow

    So I just picked up a 13.25 pound packer that I'm going to smoke tomorrow. I've done ribs and butt but never brisket so I wanted to make sure I have my plan down solid. I also have a couple questions: 1. I was planning on smoking at 250 degrees but I've been reading that the lower and longer...
  9. Mike N

    First Time Competition - Any Advice?

    Hi All - A friend of mine and I decided to join the amateur competition at the Westmont BBQ Comp in May ( The professional competition looks more serious, where the amatuer looks much looser. That said, it will be the first time we have ever done this. We will be...