Guava smoked Butterball turkey


Michael C.

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I thawed out one of my Butterball turkeys, and smoked it using my Guava wood that I bought online from Hawaii. The bird was about 14.5 lbs, smoker ran at 250F solid, no water in pan. It took 3hrs for the breast meat to come up to 165F. I let the bird rest under foil for about 35-40 minutes before carving. The Guava woods smells incredibly good, and it gave the turkey meat the right amount of smoke flavor, not strong, but it's there, and it tastes great!!!
Here is the link to purchase the wood, worth every penny!!!!

Here are the pics :).

14.5 lb Butterball turkey.

Guava wood on the coals.

See you in a few hrs.

Smells so good!!!

First peak at about 1 1/2hrs, great color so far.

165F time to rest, carve, then eat!

Yum! One of my best turkeys so far!!
Gorgeous color. I usually do one around mid year but missed it this year. Maybe around October as a warm up for the holidays. Very nice Michael.
Wow your turkey sure does look perfect! The color is incredible. I love a new wood for smoking! Congrats! Also, your attention to temp detail insured a fantastic end product. Great cook!
Great looking turkey and skin looks perfect. Does the guava give a sweet taste? I agree with Pat, are you taking orders for Thanksgiving?
Beautiful bird Michael, have to look into that wood. If you like a mild sweet smoke give olive wood a try.
That is one fantastic turkey, color is gorgeous and the finish shot says it all. Like Bob said are you taking orders?
Thanks everybody! I'm telling you, I was very happy with the results using Guava wood! Order some!!! You will love the flavor it imparts on your cooks :).
That bird looks perfect.

I love guava as a fruit. I can't imagine how good it would be as smoke on a turkey. Did you buy online?