Hinge Suggestions?



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Suggestions for a hinge for my 18" WSM?

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1. Your lid needs to fit tightly and perfectly...... The hinge can keep it from doing that
2. If you want to add a gasket and you don't already have one you won't be able to once you put a hinge on it
3. And really doesn't give you that great access like you need for putting on brisket ribs etc. , And other things. I usually throw corn and boudin in there too.

I've got a hinge on my 22 kettle. Can't say I want one on my WSM. Just a place to put the lid when i take it off. Like a stainless top table next to it. ....

Which brings up one of the real drawbacks of the WSM. If you've got any unburned wood remaining.... And you need to leave that lid open for any amount of time at all..... Like when you're trying to get rack ribs off and wrap them.... Or getting a brisket off to wrap..... That remaining wood will begin to blaze up and coat everything with nasty sticky smoke. If the food is wrapped that protects it from that..... But if it's unwrapped and you leave that lid open any amount of time with any wood left in there.... There's a risk it's going to ruin your food. You got to be quick.
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Sorry Martin, IF INSTALLED PROPERLY the hinge from “Unknown” fits just fine. And don’t recall having any immediate flares whe having the lid open for a few minutes, maybe I’m just lucky that way.
I went the much less expensive route and got the Akorn hinge. In fact I have a used one you can have for free + shipping or a new one for $10+ shipping. Just pm me.20211004_170853.jpg20211004_170904.jpg20211004_170914.jpg
Get the unknown hinge. If you are worried about a gasket you can put it on first and then put on the lid. I did have more trouble with my kettle as I wound up doing it the other way around.
Hunsaker Floating Hinge.

No pin removal required for lid lift off or rotation, the lid opens further than other brands, lid can easily be removed for transport or cleaning and the stock cover fits over it. I've had them on a 22 and an 18 for several years.