Oster Smoker Turkey Breast


Michael C.

TVWBB Gold Member
I bought a small turkey breast at the store today, and was wondering how I was going to cook it. I felt lazy when I got home and decided to break out my Oster roaster Smoker. I filled it with some fruit wood chips, added 2 cups of water to the bottom, seasoned with Weber Cajun chicken, set the temp at 350F and waited until the beeper went off at 165f. I also did some oven fried taters, coated in olive oil, shook them inside a zip lock bag with Garlic power onion powder and garlic season blend, baked at 425F for 30 minutes. Turkey came out great! Here are the pics.

Wood chips

set the temp at 350F

fruit wood chips

smells great

taters are done

and so is the turkey breast, I let it rest under foil for about 10-15 minutes or so

Plated pic, time to eat!
Your plate looks very good. Wonder how long it would have been before the pop up button went up.....