Mini turkey breast on the mini me WSM 14.5" smoker


Michael C.

TVWBB Gold Member
I saw a very small Foster Farms turkey breast that weighed only 3.47 lbs, priced around $7 bucks at Albertsons. I said what the heck, bought it, and smoked in on my Mini Me Weber 14.5" smoker. I really enjoy the Weber 14.5" smoker, I used it a Lot! Seasoned with Chicken Kickin' rub, 4 good size chunks of Apple and Pecan wood, and let her go. Once breast at 165F pulled, rested, sliced. Man it was good!!! Full of flavor tender and juicy! Here are the pics.

Time to eat :).
Michael, that looks delicious. The sliced pic is calling for some turkey sandwiches for sure. Like Rich said we have one defrosting also for a cook.
Great looking turkey breast!

My mini-wsm's and now my 14.5" have been my go to smokers for years! Efficient and easy to use!
I love the turkey. So delicious and healthy at the same time. That seems like a good price too. Turkey breasts are very expensive here.