does anyone have this product?

if so, how is your range? as it bluetooth i can only get about a 30' range with no obstructions even though they say it has a 150" range in Bluetooth (i though Bluetooh only had a range of about 30-50' - go figure). Considerably less if a wall is in the way. kind of defeats the intended purpose of the product. and its not cheap at 100.00.

So before i return it, am i missing something?
Even though this is WAY after your post. I just got one for Christmas. I haven't cooked with it yet but I tried the range out. It's definitely going to work for me but I'll have to admit I was nervous. 30 ft is probably safe with any obstructions for me. I gotta believe the range is more like 20 yards, picturing a football field or something. I set it in the back yard by my smoker and then walked about halfway down my carport in the front yard before I lost signal. Bluetooth is probably the wrong technology if you have a bigger house. For me it's great. Seems similar to the range on my Maverick et-732. Easily the same as the et-73. I'm excited to post some pointless pics of graphs. Also having the extra probes is nice.
Bluetooth devices generally comply as follows.
Class 3 1 mW less than 10 meters
Class 2 2.5 mW 10 meters, 33 feet
Class 1 100 mW 100 meters, 328 feet

Even if the igrill2 has more than 2.5mW output and can maintain connection up 150' cell phones and tablets cannot generally do that.
Wasn't aware of the different classes. Im thinking that on paper (as you said ) yes BT has the "capability" to reach 150'. But in practice ie your phone it can't. All i know is with no obstructions I was able to walk 15paces(45') before it lost communication. Put one wall between, 20'. Not real life practical. I returned the first but had the same results with the second. It got returned.

I equate it to having high performance sports car with all the bells and whistles with a 50hp engine.

Maybe if it would go wifi. Or cloud?