igrill 2 probe wires heat resistance


Faiz Sayyid

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I've just bought an igrill 2 and an ambient probe.

I have a 47cm wsm with a rubber grommet in the side for putting thermometer probes through.

In the igrill2 manual it says not to let any of the probe or its wires touch the grill. Given the top grill is above the grommet I don't see how this is possible.

Even if you managed to thread it through the grate before the lid went on you've got no guarantee that, as the meat shrinks when cooking, the probes won't move such that the wires touch the grill.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Not sure about the UK version of this product, but the US Weber website says:

What Temperature Range Can the Weber iGrill 2 Probes Tolerate?

The Weber iGrill 2 includes 2 Pro Meat Probes. Pro Meat Probes can tolerate -58°F to 716°F. Please do not expose probes to open flame or liquid! Because of the intended use with poultry and uncooked foods, probes that have been used are non-returnable and cannot be exchanged.

If you've got the same probes, there's no way the WSM middle cooking section and cooking grates will ever reach 716*F...unless you experience a grease fire, in which case all bets are off. :D

I wouldn't worry about it.

Thanks for the advice Chris :)

I contacted Weber UK support as well as posting here. I was informed that no-one had complained to them about the wires getting damaged by touching the grill and that if I had any problems I should get back to them.

Have a great weekend