Smoking multiple brisket in WSM



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Hello, I have a 22" wsm, and I am needing to cook 2 15lb briskets for a party soon. Will the briskets cook fine stacked side by side or should I lay them flat one on the top and one on the bottom? Thank you, Just wanted to get some input on this to see if there might be a better way to do this...
I know a 15 lb. brisket would be a very tight fit on a 18" WSM like I have so I imagine there wouldn't be a lot of room left over even on a 22". If they fit nicely side by side, that's how I'd go, but if they touch I'd go with separate grates. Just be sure to swap them once or twice during the cook.

Initially 2 briskets of that size will NOT fit flat on the same grate of a 22.5". BUT, they will fit easily if on their own grate.

Once in or near the stall, when the briskets start "bulking up", they very well might fit side by side.
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I have smoked 2 briskets at once on my 22 WSM. One on the upper shelf and one on the lower shelf. Works fine.