Preloading Charcoal Night Before for "Overnight" Brisket


Gary Yuen

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Hi, I've done about 5 cooks with my 18" WSM so far. I've done the high heat brisket a few times and it's pretty great but I'm hoping that an overnight cook is going to make the brisket much more tender. I have two questions.

1) Does anyone know if I can pre-load the charcoal in the chamber the night before? I'm planning to wake up 6 am in the morning so that I can have the briskets ready for dinner. And being so early, I want to get up and have most of the things ready. I had preloaded the charcoal chamber and put 20 briquettes in the charcoal chimney. Is there a risk that the composition of the briquettes may change if I put them in over night? I have reassembled the WSM, closed all vents and put the cover back on hoping it doesn't get moist.

2) What's everyone's opinion on high heat vs low heat cooks for brisket?



My last cook
1) I do it all the time. Unless its raining & you leave them exposed, you'll be just fine.
2) No idea. Only do chicken at high heat.
I start a lot of my cooks in the middle of the night. I usually fill the WSM up with charcoal the in the evening, and have never had an issue.
Welcome Gary.
You will be fine pre-loading (no rain). Standard operating procedure here.
The Brisket: Whatever fits my schedule. Sometimes it's fun to do a long cook. Other times it's
just get it done. Final product between the two methods seems pretty similar.
Count me into the preload group too ... Anytime I start a midnite cook or early am cook ....just easier to have everything set up in advance ...